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Author Spotlight: Jill Weatherholt

Hi friends! Today, our author spotlight is on Jill Weatherholt! Everyone, say hello to Jill! Without further ado, let's get to know Jill and her book A Home for Her Daughter.



  Author Bio:
By day, Jill Weatherholt works for the City of Charlotte. At night, and on the weekend, she writes contemporary stories about love, faith and forgiveness for Harlequin Love Inspired.

Raised in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., she now resides in Charlotte, North Carolina, but her heart belongs to Virginia.

She holds a degree in Psychology from George Mason University and Paralegal Studies Certification from Duke University.

She shares her life with her real-life hero and number one supporter. Their relationship grew on the golf course, and now they have one in their backyard.

Jill believes in enjoying every moment of this journey because God has everything under control.

Here's Jill!

Thanks so much for inviting me to share my latest release A Home for Her Daughter, Sally! It’s available in stores during the month of September and online always at my website, along with my other books.

Getting prepared for a release is never easy, especially with a full-time day job. This time around was more challenging as my fifth Love Inspired book was due on August 31st. To throw another ball into the mix, my next proposal, which includes a five page summary of the book along with the first three chapters, is due October 1st. This book was sold as part of a three book contract with only a one paragraph blurb, so I really don’t have a solid foundation at this point. Eek!

Since August of 2015, after winning a contract in a contest, I’ve been writing under contract for Harlequin Love Inspired. It’s been a whirlwind experience and an entirely different animal than writing for my eyes only.

Juggling story ideas in my 55-year-old brain is challenging. I’m not a writer who can write or work on two books at the same time, but sometimes I have no choice. I can be in the middle of writing a new book when SURPRISE, an email pops into my box with line or copy edits from my editor for the previous manuscript I’d submitted. Working on one project at a time isn’t an option when you’ve signed your life away on a multi-book contract, but it’s a blessing I never imagined and one I’m truly grateful for.

Another blessing is having met so many wonderful and supportive writers and readers during this journey. Thanks so much for hosting me today, Sally!

A Home for Her Daughter Blurb

One little girl could change her mom’s mind about love…

To give her daughter a brighter future…

she must leave the past behind.

Inheriting a house, money and a camp is the fresh start Janie Edmiston has been praying for. But the will stipulates Janie must work with her childhood friend—and crush—Drew Brenner, to get the camp running…or lose it all. The newly divorced mother and the widower aren’t looking for love, but sometimes it takes a child to show two broken hearts the way forward…together.

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Friends, I sure hope you enjoyed getting to know Jill Weatherholt and A Home for Her Daughter.

Thank you so much for joining us, Jill!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Sharing God's Love Through my Novels by Carole Brown

Hi friends! Say hello to Carole Brown! She is sharing her thoughts today. Without further ado, here's Carole.


For God so Loved the World... John 3:16 Once upon a time, there was a child—an expressive child who used her hands to convey her emotions and her imagination to talk with others, older people, and neighbors who found her amusing and relatives who loved her and encouraged her to develop her creativeness.

That child's elementary fellow-students clapped when she gave childish presentations. She received good grades on her first written works of imagination in school. In high school, she and her best friend spent hours creating pensive and lovesick poems that they thought expressed their feelings.

Years later, that child/teen grew up. She married, birthed two sons, traveled and ministered alongside her husband and family then finally realized it was time to use her imagination and creative talents seriously. Although she was good at English, she soon learned she still had much to re-learn about writing novels. She joined critique groups, went to conferences and soaked in every bit of advice that came her way.

Today, she's celebrating the release of her 10th full length novel, a new adventure because she ventured into writing an Historical Western Romantic Suspense.

Caleb's Destiny. She began this novel several years ago, thinking she might enter it into a contest, but didn't finish it then. Last year was a tough year of little writing, but once 2020 hit, inspiration sprang into renewal, and she determined this would be the year to finish it. Finish it she did in two and half months.

Since I'm that little girl, all grown up, I'll confess that I love using my God-given talent for Him. Developing stories that encourage, gently show God's love and power and wisdom for his children is the best thing in the world.

In Caleb's Destiny, I needed to show that we can't hang onto the past wrongs in our lives, that forgiveness is the way to go, if not for the other person who won't accept it, but for ourselves. Mr. Michael didn't want the fight brought to him, he tried to steer away from it, but when pushed, he stood his ground and did what had to be done. The forgiveness in this instance came from God specifically for him. Writing the scenes in this book was me writing about God's love in a gentle, unobtrusive way.

I love being an author. I love sharing with others the stories God places on my heart showing that faith and goodness will always prevail. I love knowing I'm using the talent God gave me.

May all those who read Caleb's Destiny be blest.

Author Bio:
Besides being a member and active participant of many writing groups, Carole Brown enjoys mentoring beginning writers. An author of ten books, she loves to weave suspense and tough topics into her books, along with a touch of romance and whimsy, and is always on the lookout for outstanding titles and catchy ideas. She and her husband reside in SE Ohio but have ministered and counseled nationally and internationally. Together, they enjoy their grandsons, traveling, gardening, good food, the simple life, and did she mention their grandsons?

Caleb's Destiny Blurb

Mr. Michael, Destiny Rose McCulloch, and Hunter have a mysterious history. Why were three fathers, all business partners, murdered under suspicious circumstances while on their quest to find gold? Hunter, who is Mr. Michael's ranch manager, is determined to find the answers and protect the precocious young lady who he suspects holds a key answer to his questions. Mr. Michael wants only to be left alone to attend to his property, but what can he do when Destiny refuses to leave and captures the heart of everyone of his employees? Destiny almost forgets her quest when she falls in love with Mr. Michael's ranch and all the people there. And then Mr. Michael is much too alluring to ignore. The preacher man back east where she took her schooling tried to claim her heart, but the longer she stays the less she can remember him. She only came west to find a little boy she knew years ago. A little boy all grown up by now...unless, of course, he's dead.

Caleb's Destiny
Book Excerpt from Chapter Six

After he settled into a seat across from her, he picked up his fork and looked at her. “Dig in.”

She hated it, but her cheeks were heating up again. “Do you mind...?”

“Mind?” His first bite headed toward his mouth. “If you eat?”

Why hadn’t she just said a silent, quick prayer? “Uh, I’d like to say a prayer. I've grown used to doing it at sch—uh, home.” And Richard had always insisted on it.

He dropped his fork. “Of course. Go ahead.”

Closing her eyes, she pressed her hands together. “Heavenly Father, we ask for your beautiful—I mean, bountiful blessings on our snack—breakfast, uh, tonight.” Destiny wanted to sink through the floor. She, who was the epitome of gracefulness at school; she who wanted to impress this confident man, was stumbling like a drunken cowboy. Whispering a “Father, forgive me” for butchering what should have been a simple prayer, she hastened to finish it. “Thank you for Mr. Michael’s hospitality, and help us to further our friendship.”

Ugh. He’d think she wanted something more than friendship. Destiny cringed and refused to glance at him. “Amen.”

Had that been a snicker? Surely not. She picked up her fork and shoved a tiny bite of egg in her dry mouth. She chewed and swallowed, but the former delicious-looking omelet refused to go down. She reached for her coffee and felt the food slide down with the coffee.

Ah, reprieved.

“Tell me, Miss McCulloch—it is Miss?”

He was laughing. She could hear it in his voice without even seeing his face. Her appetite vanished just as her temper kicked in. “It is Miss McCulloch to you, Mr. Michael, and I’ll thank you not to laugh at me.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” And this time his voice was serious.

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Friends, I sure hope you enjoyed getting to know Carole Brown and Caleb's Destiny.

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Thank you so much for joining us, Carole!

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Method Acting for Writers by Preslaysa Williams

Hi friends! Today, Preslaysa Williams is talking to us about Method Acting in our writing. Here's Preslaysa!

Author Bio:
Preslaysa Williams is an award-winning author who writes contemporary romance and women's fiction with an Afro-Filipina twist. Proud of her heritage, she loves sharing her culture with her readers. She has a MFA in Writing Popular Fiction at Seton Hill University and an undergraduate degree in Spanish Language & Literature from Columbia University. Preslaysa is also a professional actress, a planner nerd, an avid bookworm, and a homeschool mom who often wears mismatched socks. Her contemporary romance entitled A Lowcountry Bride releases on June 1, 2021 with Avon Books/HarperCollins.

To follow along with her busy life, visit her at where you can sign up for her newsletter community.

Method Acting for Writers

Before I started writing, I was an actor. I’d started acting at the age of nine. From the start, I worked on TV commercials and Off Broadway work and print ads. When I was fourteen, I landed my first television role on Nickelodeon’s “The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo”. Acting came naturally to me, and I had fun working on Nickelodeon set with the likes of the late Pat Morita and then television writer Suzanne Collins (author of The Hunger Games series).

My acting “training” was through watching TV. I have vivid memories of watching my favorite weeknight sitcoms and mimicking the characters on television. I’d also read a lot of books on acting technique, but I didn’t work with an acting coach until I was a college student. It was during this time, that I learned the actual method behind what I’d been doing instinctively: accessing the character’s emotions. Learning acting technique enabled me to prepare for auditions on a moment’s notice. It also helped me when I worked with Academy Award-winning screenwriter and playwright, the late Horton Foote, in his production of “The Death of Papa.” That was a challenging role and the techniques I learned helped me bring my best to each performance.

When I started writing in 2008, it felt like pulling teeth. Translating a character’s feeling onto pages while also juggling the thousand other Do’s and Don’ts of writing made me freeze and either: 1) not write at all at worst; or 2) write cardboard scenes.

Unfortunately, I carried all those paralyzing writing rules in my head for a long time until I finally learned to trust that I knew what I was doing. That freed me to let loose on the page. Still, writing dramatic scenes wasn’t so simple. So later on in my writing journey, I recalled all the acting techniques I’d learned. One of them that stood out for me is a technique called sense memory.

Sense memory is an acting technique where an actor takes one simple image or memory—like the feeling of standing outside in the snow waiting for a school bus (one of my memories)—and applying it to the scene in order to connect with the fictional character.

Disclaimer: NEVER use actual traumatic memories for writing or acting scenes. Please consult with a medical professional or counselor to help you with processing painful life events.

Prior to sense memory work, it’s best to relax so you can fully focus on the memory and the scene you’re about to write. I once had to write a scene where a secondary character felt like they were being slighted by the school principal. For this, I asked myself: What in my past best serves this text? I used a memory of being picked last for a dodgeball team in gym class, and I relived it. The key is to relive and not just remember the memory since you’re pulling from your physical experience.

Strong acting and strong writing is both imaginative and deeply personalized. Yes, those two dynamics—imagination and personalization—seem at odds with one another, but they aren’t. You can build entire fictional lives and stories from the seed of one real life experience.

(Back to my dodgeball team example!) I spend a few moments reliving the feelings of being picked last: the self-doubt, the insecurity, the speculation, and worry. I try to feel those emotions all over again. Sometimes a relived experience will be easy to relive and other times, I’ll have to dig and ask: how did it feel physically when that happened? However, if I have to dig too deep, I’ll simply search for another memory.

Then, I move from that emotional experience directly into either writing the scene or asking my character a few pre-writing questions about the scene.

In Uta Hagen’s book, “The Challenge for the Actor”, she created “Six Steps” for creating a character. The Six Steps hold a lot of similarities to writing techniques. Writing and Acting are first cousins! So, after re-imagining my past experience, I’ll use these questions for my scene.

They are:

1. Who am I? (What is my present state of being? How to I perceive myself?)

2. What are the circumstances? (What time is it? Where am I? What surrounds me? What are my immediate circumstances?)

3. What are my relationships that I’ll encounter in this scene? (I also like to add ‘How do I feel about the relationships in my last scene and how do my feelings affect this one?’)

4. What do I want? (Character Goal)

5. What is my obstacle? (Character conflict)

6. What do I do to get what I want? (What is my behavior? What are my actions?)

Then I write! After doing a sense memory exercise, the first draft usually provides me with a lot of fodder to re-work and polish at a later point. After I write one scene, then it’s back to the drawing board with pulling a memory for my next scene and reliving it through my senses.

The famous writer-actor Sam Shepard said this about writing and acting: “There are places where writing is acting, and acting is writing. I’m not interested in the divisions. I’m interested in the way things cross over.”

I’m also interested in the way writing and acting cross over, and my interest helped me stave off writer’s block and keep writing forward.

Question for You: How do you, as a writer, get into character prior to writing or revising a scene?

To connect with Preslaysa or check out her books, go to her website:

Thank you so much for joining us, Preslaysa!

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Author Spotlight: LoRee Peery

Hi friends! Today, our author spotlight is on LoRee Peery! Everyone, say hello to LoRee! She is a special friend of mine. Without further ado, let's get to know LoRee and her book Future of my Heart

Author Bio:
Nebraska country girl LoRee Peery writes fiction that hopefully appeals to adult readers who enjoy stories written from a Christian perspective, focusing on the romance. These include novels and novellas for women and men in the Contemporary, Romance, Historical, Time Travel, and Mystery/Suspense categories. She writes of redeeming grace with a sense of place. Her Frivolities Series and the book based on her father’s unsolved homicide, Touches of Time, are available on Amazon. She is who she is by the grace of God: Christian, country girl, wife, mother, grandmother and great-, sister, friend, and author. Connect with LoRee:

Future of my Heart Blurb

I have no way of knowing if any of your readers ever dreamt of time travel, going forward or back. Some things in our world remain close to the same as 150 years ago. As in the buildings on the acreage/ranch where Phoebe and Mandy took their leaps through time. Another is the grandiose Orpheum Theater in Omaha. In 1895 the Creighton Theater stood on the site, which became the first Orpheum. The current building was constructed, in all of its opulence, in 1927.

Nolan Riley can’t believe his eyes when woman in historical dress lands on top of his lighting van while they’re filming a Western. She claims she’s from 1891. He knows he shouldn't believe her. He’s stayed away from women after a disastrous relationship, but something about the lost look in Phoebe’s eyes makes him feel protective, despite his distrust of women and Phoebe's unbelievable claim. Against his better judgment, he takes Phoebe home and gets her a job on the movie set.

As they explore their relationship, they discover that old wrongs need to be righted before they can move on. Phoebe’s fledgling faith demands she go back to 1891 Nebraska to ask forgiveness from her family and obligations she left behind. Nolan has to deal with his inability to trust a woman. Separated by time, both are uncertain of their lives, but they throw themselves upon God’s mercy.

But love transcends time. Is their love strong enough to secure a future together?

Interesting Tidbits

For our 30th anniversary, I surprised my husband with tickets to The Phantom of the Opera at the Orpheum. I could only afford “nosebleed seats.” He excused himself a few minutes before the play was to begin. Bill returned with moments to spare for the opening curtain, with fourth row seats right off the center aisle! I was in make believe, musical heaven, able to see all expressions, even sprays of spit in the lights! Enthralled, I caught every word and will never in my life forget that experience as my whole being thrummed with the musical drama.

Friends, I sure hope you enjoyed getting to know LoRee Peery and Future of my Heart.

Below are links to buy Future of my Heart and to connect with LoRee Peery:



B & N

Amazon author page

LoRee Redeeming Grace with a Sense of Place





Thank you so much for joining us, LoRee!

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Friday, August 28, 2020

Book Review: With Every Letter by Sarah Sundin, reviewed by April Kidwell

Happy Friday, friends!!

Today we have a book review from, April Kidwell. Please make her feel welcome! She is reviewing With Every Letter, written by Sarah Sundin. Here is April!

April Kidwell is a wife, mother, and writer. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with an incredible science-geek hubby, two fantastic children, and a small menagerie of critters. She has an MDiv in Writing and Curriculum and is a retired teacher. She has completed two contemporary Christian romance novels, Be Still My Heart and Pieces of Her Heart, coming soon.

Here's April and her review of With Every Letter

Have you ever read a book in which you could truly identify with the main character? You recognized her struggles, her pain, her insecurities, and you felt understood?

Sarah Sundin’s With Every Letter was such a book for me.

I sympathized with her inability to connect with the other women in her unit, understood the struggle finding words to say to new people, and empathized with her feelings of inadequacy. So much so, that on more than one occasion I cried.

If you’re an introvert trying to make it in a world of extroverts you will understand. If not? Then you may find her introspection and insecurities vexing and difficult to comprehend.

Either way, Sarah Sundin crafts a beautiful story of love and faith set during World War II. Her research is impeccable and she never fails to transport the reader to another time and place.

This particular story follows the tried and true trope of “The Shop Around the Corner” or “You’ve Got Mail.” Two people anonymously write to one another and begin to fall in love before one discovers the other’s identity. The one who knows the truth must decide how to proceed.

Plenty of fresh elements keep the reader engaged, but a sense of familiarity lends to the overall enjoyment of the story. Sundin’s trademark ability to balance the realities of war, sufficiency of God’s peace, and romance of falling in love shines in this book.


Sally here. Thanks so much for being here, April! This sounds like a great book.

To connect with April, here are her links:

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Author Spotlight: Cheryl St. John

Hi friends! Today, our author spotlight is on Cheryl St. John! Everyone, say hello to Cheryl! Without further ado, let's get to know Cheryl and her writing.


Author Bio:
Cheryl St.John is the author of more than fifty historical and contemporary romances. Her stories have earned numerous awards and are published in over a dozen languages. In describing her stories of second chances and redemption, readers and reviewers use words like, “emotional punch, hometown feel, core values, believable characters and real-life situations.” Her bestselling non-fiction books, Writing With Emotion, Tension & Conflict and Write Smart, Write Happy by Writers Digest Books are available in print and digital. She’s a bargain hunter with the heart of a hoarder trying to live as a minimalist. The struggle is real.

Hi Sally! Thanks for the opportunity to chat with you today.

Cheryl, it's so great you being here today! Thanks for the Q&A interview to get to know you and your writing.

When did you first know you wanted to be a writer? What influenced that decision?

As a child, I wrote stories and drew covers for little books I stapled together. Books were my companions. The Summer of the Falcon by Jean Craighead George was the first book I read that made me a life-long reader.

I graduated to popular adult fiction in my teens, and in my early twenties I became a die-hard Louis L’Amour fan, and I still adore westerns and Americana. I tend to go through genres in my reading, however. Medieval one season, true crime the next, then biographies or a contemporary series. Marriage of convenience is my favorite trope, and I also like a character pretending to be someone they’re not. I always wrote stories for myself, but when I discovered LaVyrle Spencer and Lisa Gregory, I got the desire to write to make others feel the way I felt when I lost myself in a story.

How did you get your first book or story published?

When my youngest child went to school all day, I decided it was time to get serious about my dream of being a writer. I wrote, blissfully cluelessly, for several years until I joined an organization and a local chapter and actually learned to write well. Once I found an agent to take me on, she assured me she could sell a book for me, and Harlequin Historicals bought Rain Shadow, followed by many, many more stories.

What prompted you to write the Aspen Gold Series?

I wrote western historicals under contact for Harlequin Historical and Love Inspired Historical (with a few contemporaries mingled in) for twenty-five years, and I was depleted. When my contracts were fulfilled, I took a year and a half away from writing to care for a newborn grandchild and fill the creative well. The break did wonders for me, and I promised myself that from then on out I would only write books I loved.

My critique group of many years had planned the Aspen Gold Series a long time ago, but the idea got lost in sure-thing publishing contracts and busy lives. We lost a beloved member and friend, however, and eventually deciding to pick up the series was a big part of helping to heal our grief.

Dancing in the Dark was the first book I loved writing in a long time. Of course, the Ed Sheeran song prompted the title. Since then I’ve written Tanner, a book in the Bachelors and Babies western series, and I’m just now preparing to publish Whisper My Name, another addition to Aspen Gold Series. I already have several more stories planned.

What do you find most rewarding about a writing career?

For me the biggest bonus of being a writer is the ability to adjust my career around my family and church. I set work hours and adhere to them, but I can plan days off for other activities with my husband, kids or grandkids. As long as I’ve made my page count by the end of the week, I’m good.

What’s the most meaningful thing a fan has said about your book?

Nothing is as rewarding as when a reader tells me one of my stories got them through a difficult time in their life. I wrote a story, Saint or Sinner, about a girl who is coerced and abused by her father. In the days when mail came to the post office box, I drove over once a week. I’d be so excited to read my mail that I had a letter opener in the console. I vividly remember sitting in my car with tears running down my face. A reader told me her step-father had beaten her, and she had permanent nerve damage in her arm, as well as other physical and emotional injuries. She said my story gave her hope that someone would love her as much as Joshua loved Addie. Nothing has ever affected me as deeply as those words. If I give hope to one person, I am fulfilled as a writer.

Do you write with a theme or message in mind?

I never plan a theme, and sometimes I don’t know it until the book is nearly finished, but my stories almost always end up being about second chances, forgiveness or underdogs succeeding. I have a premise in mind, and a tone I want to set, and then I use goal-motivation-conflict grids to plot and plan my stories.

Do the people in your real life show up in your writing?

Occasionally, I use an incident. I often use the amusing things my grandchildren have said. I don’t recreate specific people, but I use unique traits because they add realism.

Do you know the book’s ending before you start writing?

Happy ever after, of course, but no, I don’t usually know specifically how the story will end. I know the character’s traits, goals, conflict and have plot points ready, but I don’t plan scenes ahead. I admire writer who do! Some of my friends even plan out every scene they will write on notecards. I’ve tried it—I have no clue about scenes in advance, except for a few plot points. The characters and the unfolding plot tell me what happens next. The end has to be satisfying and true to the characters.

What's the best writing/marketing advice you can pass on to other writers?

You always hear “write the next book” and that advice is wise and true. There are writers who wrote a book three years ago and are still marketing that one book. Writing three books builds sales for each one. Writing ten books provides income if one isn’t as well-received or as heavily promoted. Writing twenty books gives me a backlist when a reader discovers me.

After speaking at a Writer Digest conference, an aspiring writer who’d read my bio asked, “How did you write fifty books? He sounded awestruck. I didn’t even have to think about my answer. I replied, “One at a time.” And I had a few years on him. (lol) But seriously, it’s about applying oneself and sticking to it.

Which of your books is your personal favorite?

That’s always a difficult question to answer. Each is special in its own way, but a couple stand out as favorites. Land of Dreams is my best-selling book ever. It has been reissued, republished, sold in many languages, and readers love it. Joe’s Wife didn’t get adequate distribution initially, but I got my rights back and independently published it, and it is doing very well. It has the elements that I fall for in a story—a reformed bad boy who is also an underdog, an orphan, and a marriage of convenience.

What is your favorite social media?

I prefer Facebook because of the ability to select who and what shows up on my timeline. I love to interact with readers and friends, but I don’t tolerate rudeness, crudeness or people on their political soapboxes, so I unfollow or unfriend those posters in a heartbeat. I love the ability to get thirty opinions on a character name or a plot point within an hour or so. I am in too many groups, but I enjoy Instant Pot recipes, furniture painting projects, seeing farmhouse decorating and marveling over what people have recently crocheted.

Do you read reviews of your books?

I read reviews of my books. I don’t respond. Critical reviews either cause me to rethink something or make me laugh. Not everyone is going to love my stories or my writing. I certainly don’t love everything I read. That’s why there are millions of books out there to choose from.

What does writing look like for you?

Sitting at my desk is like flipping a switch that turns on the words. I have a huge backlit keyboard, and my last one actually lasted five years—that’s a record. I do my plotting and character creating on paper, keep all of my research, character grids, notes in a three-ring binder that lies open beside me throughout writing the book. I’m a chronological writer, and I’m also a self-editor, so my first draft is pretty much my last draft. When I sit down to write, I read back over what I wrote the day before and tweak it. About halfway through the book, I finally divide it into chapters (I don’t know why I do it that way, but it works for me) and read through the book, editing, then move forward to the end. When I’m finished, I do a read-through and it’s final. My excellent proof-reader friends find my errors, and I’m good to go.

Fun Facts:

Most watched tv show

Don’t throw rocks. The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead are my favorite television series. People tend to assume it’s a “zombie” show. Yes, for sure, there are a lot of walking dead, but the series is not about them—they are external conflict. The entwined stories are about ordinary people surviving in the worst possible circumstances. It’s all about relationships, about life or death decisions, moral decisions—it’s about internal conflict and personal conflicts.

Fear the Walking Dead has one of my favorite character combinations ever. Garret Dillahunt (Burn Notice/Raising Hope) plays an ex-cop/part-time wild west show actor, who accidentally killed a robber and isolated himself before the disease started. Jenna Elfman (Dharma and Greg) was a nurse who feels responsible for the death of her child and an entire community. She’s broken—he’s broken—and when she washes up in front of his cabin, she’s not ready to feel again. She heals from an injury and goes on his way. He goes in search of her—in the vast wasteland of the apocalypse. They do find each other. Sigh.

I get it. Some think the walking dead parts are gross. Some of it is gross. But I watch all the behind-the-scenes, and that stuff is all make-up and special effects, which I can appreciate. I watch for great acting, fabulous actors, amazing writing. Toss in my favorite elements: second chances, forgiveness and underdogs. I’ve watched these two connected series multiple times.

Most worn accessory:

I love vintage jewelry and own way too much. I never take off the ring my husband gave me when we were dating, my great-grandmother’s wedding ring or my dad’s wedding ring.

Little-known facts about you

I do free-lance editing work on the side.
I’m the worship leader at a non-denominational full-gospel church.

How to reach/follow Cheryl:
Email Cheryl at:
Amazon author page:
Visit her on the web:
Like her Facebook author page:
She's a Pinterest junkie!



Dancing in the Dark is a sweet contemporary. PG
Dancing in the Dark:


Tanner is a sweet western. PG

Friends, I sure hope you enjoyed getting to know Cheryl St. John!

Thank you so much for joining us, Cheryl!

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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Author Spotlight: LoRee Peery

Hi friends! Today, our author spotlight is on LoRee Peery! Everyone, say hello to LoRee! She is a special friend of mine. Without further ado, let's get to know LoRee and her book Cowboy Just In Time

Author Bio:
Nebraska country girl LoRee Peery writes fiction that hopefully appeals to adult readers who enjoy stories written from a Christian perspective, focusing on the romance. These include novels and novellas for women and men in the Contemporary, Romance, Historical, Time Travel, and Mystery/Suspense categories. She writes of redeeming grace with a sense of place. Her Frivolities Series and the book based on her father’s unsolved homicide, Touches of Time, are available on Amazon. She is who she is by the grace of God: Christian, country girl, wife, mother, grandmother and great-, sister, friend, and author. Connect with LoRee:

Cowboy Just In Time Blurb

When event planner Amanda Totten falls through a barn trapdoor and finds herself in the arms of an 1890’s cowboy, she scrambles to find a way back to the future. She has a life and obligations—her fledgling business and her mother’s financial needs. But the less stressful lifestyle, and her deepening love for Gavin Medley, is calling to her heart and she is torn between past and future.

Has God given her a chance at love?

Gavin Medley has been working for years to regain his family homestead. As ranch foreman, he has nothing but a dream of a place and family of his own. But his love for Amanda is making him think that having his own ranch isn’t as important as having someone to love for the rest of his life.

Amanda returns to the future, and Gavin is shattered. He tries to go forward in time, but fails. Believing it's God’s will, Gavin resigns himself to living without the love of his life.

But love transcends time, and Amanda and Gavin need each other. Can Amanda return to her cowboy?

Interesting Tidbits

When my oldest daughter Paige turned 40 I remember thinking how old my grandma was at 40. As a teenager, I vowed I would not be an “old” grandma. Now I’m a great-grandmother and remain young at heart.

I burned 20 years-worth of 5-year diaries before Bill and I moved to the country.

I walked barefoot as a kid in summer, even into the pasture, and only wore shoes to town on Saturday and for Sunday school. Those bare feet stepped on many rusty nails.

I wrote letters to pen pals as a girl.

My ideal gift is someone cooking or cleaning for me.

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LoRee Redeeming Grace with a Sense of Place




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