Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Growing Season Fight, Flee, or be Funny by Jiffy Day

The Growing Season is a story set in the '60s and '70s in Southwest Virginia. Interested in a time gone by? You'll love this book! Jiffy Day takes you back to the drugs, drama, and first love in a season of growing and changing. Zach, a white boy, has fallen in love with Piper, a black girl in a time and place before this was accepted. Their love story intertwines throughout this story of the growing season: growing love, growing marijuana, and growing relationships.

Zach invites Tim, his Vietnam buddy, to spend the summer with him and Zach introduces him to his life in Southwest Virginia. If you lived here during this time, you'll recognize places where events took place. If you haven't seen the area, you'll wish to come visit. From the mountains to the fishing holes to the sights and sounds of Zach's hometown, you'll feel a part of the story and won't be able to put the book down.

This book will pull you from one page to the next. From Zach and Tim's time in Vietnam to Tim spending the summer with Zach to their antics hiding marijuana from the police, Jiffy weaves real places in beautiful Southwest Virginia, the people who lived during this turbulent time in history, and events that may or may not have happened, making it hard to put this book down until you finish. Will Zach and Piper get together? Will Bobby find his way down the path his grandmother has pointed out toward Christianity? You'll have to pick up this book to find out.

This book is different from most of the books I read and review. There is adult content, language, and a sweet romance. Bobby's path to Christianity, Zach and Piper's romance, and Tim's time learning about Zach's way of life will have you turning the pages until late at night to see what will happen next. I cannot wait to read more by this author. Look for his next book to continue this great story.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

After 2 by Joy Ohagwu

Another great inspirational book by Joy! Blossom struggles with leaving everything in God's hands. But what happens when everything is out of her control and she has to trust God?

Circumstances put Josh in the right place at the right time to save Blossom's life. Both move out of their comfort zones to accomplish what God has set for them. This story is full of trust, hope, love, and showing God your gratitude, especially during the rough times. Then, God will show you His faithfulness to perform His promises. Check out this great book!

This book is second in the series. Reading the first one will be helpful, but is not required to enjoy this one.

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

5 Editors Tackle the 12 Fatal Flaws of Fiction Writing by C S Lakin

Every author needs this book on their shelf. From nothing happening to too much backstory to body parts behaving badly, this book has it all and tells you how to fix it with examples you can follow. Don't have the money to hire an editor for your novel? Use this book, one of several in the Writer's Toolbox Series, to mark your own book up in red. The fun part of this book is being able to read each entry and then determining what is wrong with it before you read the answer. Not quite sure what is wrong? That is okay, because the fatal flaw is fixed right before your eyes.

Each of the editors tackles a part of each flaw in each section. It's like having a personal conversation about your writing flaws with C S Lakin, Christy Distler, Linda Clare, Rachel Starr Thomson, and Robin Patchen. At the end of each flaw section, is a checklist, so you can go through your own manuscript and eradicate those flaws before an editor ever sees them. And as part of the checklist, a passage for you to apply what you learned. The 12 fatal flaws are presented in a conversational tone to make learning fun and engaging. This book is a great tool to bring your writing to a higher level.

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Love's Dream Song by Sandra Leesmith

I loved this story by Sandra Leesmith. A suspenseful mystery, a romance, mixed heritage, a drug smuggling ring, and the discovery of artifacts, make for a great page turning story.

Autumn is working on an excavation site. She wants to get to know the Navajo that are her family. Jess is part Apache, but running from his heritage. Someone is smuggling drugs and Jess suspects Autumn is part of the ring. He owns the ranch the excavation is located on and has set up barriers to keep him and Autumn from getting involved again.

The professor makes a discovery and someone sets off dynamite. Jess must protect Autumn while protecting his heart and proving whether or not she is part of the drug smuggling ring.

Autumn is trying to find out what happened to her mother and protect the artifacts. Will she find out why Jess decided they couldn't be together anymore? Will she find out the truth about her family roots?

If you're looking for a story that will keep you turning the pages to see what will happen next, this is the book for you!

This story has sensual scenes and some curse words. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Cherished Memories by Raine English

I loved this story by Raine English. Zoe Goodwin lives in her childhood home. Ryan Cooper wants to buy up all the properties in her neighborhood in a money making project. She's set against him buying the property. He can't understand what she has against making money.

Zoe and two of her friends own a flower shop. Only one of them has been lucky in love. Zoe has been hurt and she's not about to trust Ryan. But the chemistry between these two characters can't be denied. She sets out to save her neighbors from Ryan's conquest. Will she be able to protect her heart in the process? Or will she be taken in by his charm?

Pick up this great book today! Cherished Memories is the second book in the Love Always series. You do not need to read these books in order to follow what's going on. But once you read one, you'll want to read them all!

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Saving Laurel by Raine English

I loved this short story by Raine English! A devastating past, a ghostly presence, and a possible future collide at Bronson Manor, Laurel Todd's childhood home. She is an actress who decides to head back there for some peace and quiet to learn her lines, but will her past confront her in the form of ghostly occurrences? While in high school, her boyfriend, Ashley, died in her arms at Bronson Manor during a Christmas party. Her parents had been killed a few years earlier and she hadn't been back since.

Lucas Kensington, Ashley's best friend, brings back painful memories. Can she let go of her past to embrace the future? Lucas was invisible in high school. He stood in the shadows behind Ashley. He didn't mind, but he had a crush on Laurel. Now he's getting a second chance to make an impression. Can he help Laurel put her past behind her and see him as the guy for her?

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Monday, November 16, 2015

N: The Beginning by Joyce Swann

This is a great start to a new series! N: The Beginning is a short story and the first in a futuristic young adult series. Christianity has been outlawed. Christians are hunted down and arrested. Kids are rounded up and put in a re-education program. Petra Bordeaux leads a band of children, keeping them safe and spreading the news of what the National Council is doing.

How strong are you in your faith? If you were targeted for being a Christian, would you stand firm? Brother and sister, Petra and Artiss Bordeaux, are in such a position. A group of teens in North Texas are fighting for their freedom while escaping capture and imprisonment in a federal re-education center. Seamus shows up and tells Petra it has begun. He leads the way when there seems no way. Do you have faith that God can take care of you? Do you try to take things into your own hands, to help God out? Though friends, family, don't follow God, will you follow the truth on your own? It's your own decision. Not something you do just because your parents did. You have to make the choice. What will your choice be?

I look forward to more books in this series. With the way things are in the world today, this a very timely subject. Even after reading the story, I'm still thinking about how it impacted me. How serious am I about my faith? Would it withstand persecution? Will you be a part of N?

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Catch of a Lifetime by Candee Fick

I loved this story! From page one, I was drawn in and didn't want the story to end. Cassie Parker and Reed Worthington have a chemistry that jumps off the page. Advising football players, football games, and a romance that can't be, makes for a page turning story! The football aspect is so seamlessly woven in, it doesn't take away from the story.

Cassie is a graduate student and the athletic academic advisor as she works on her degree. She also helps the training staff during practices and games. But with her past, is she the best person for the job? Will her best be good enough for the team? She must overcome her past and learn to forgive, as God forgave her.

Reed is the receivers' football coach. Will his family ever accept his job choice? He realizes with Cassie's help, they can make the team what it needs to be. Can he juggle his football life with a walk with God? With the long hours, and time away, it's hard to find time to go to church.

Will Cassie be able to forgive someone from her past in order to have a future with Reed? Pick up this great book! You won't be disappointed.

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Manila Marriage App: Passport to Romance by Jan Elder

Shay Callahan has applied for the wife of a missionary in the Philippines. That is a long way from Maryland, but she needs to get away. When her marriage application is selected, she is ready for a vacation at someone else's expense.

Dr. Timothy Flynn is the church history professor and academic dean at Pacific Rim Theological Seminary. Timothy has no experience with women. Why would he submit a marriage app to find a wife? Will Shay be a good fit for him?

These two characters are fun, flirty, and full of life. Timothy expects Shay to be demure, a perfect missionary wife. Shay expects Timothy to be stodgy and proper. Will they be able to get past their misconceptions and get to know each other before the time is up and Shay heads back to Maryland?

Shay finds more than she bargained for in the Philippines, including finding her way back to a relationship with God. Where had He been all this time? Right there with her, waiting for her to seek Him. Pick up this great book today to find love, laughter, and fun. I laughed, cried, groaned, and cheered with Shay and Timothy as they got to know each other. The humor and the real to life experiences had me turning the pages. I didn't want this story to end. Can't wait to read more by this author!

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Monday, October 26, 2015

The New Rulebook 2 by Joy Ohagwu

Another great book by Joy Ohagwu! This is a great suspense-filled story. The New Rulebook 2 is the sequel to The New Rulebook and Pete Zendel is up to his old tricks again, this time from prison.

Ruby "Red" Masters and Sargeant Robert Towers are planning their wedding. However, first Ruby must come to the aid of the mayor in Snowy Peaks. Can she defend the town against Pete and his team of gadgets and forces? Will Ruby's and Robert's faith in God pull them through? Pick up this great read today to see if Ruby and Robert can keep their faith in God as they fight against the evil that has overtaken Snowy Peaks.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Friday, October 23, 2015

A Refuge at Highland Hall by Carrie Turansky

I loved this book by Carrie Turansky. It is book 3 in the Edwardian Brides series. WWI is taking place and Penny has taken refuge at Highland Hall. Alex Goodwin is a pilot flying aircraft over Germany to keep them from bombing England.

Penny had her heart broken. Can she open her heart to Alex? Will he survive the war and come back to her? I enjoyed reading their letters to one another, getting glimpses into the war from his perspective at the war front and from Penny's perspective at Highland Hall. A Refuge at Highland Hall is a great historical fiction story. You do not need to read these books in order, but once you read this one you'll want to read the others to get to know the other characters.

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The House at Homecoming Cove by Ginny Baird

I loved this story by Ginny Baird. What Melissa Carter and Stone Thomas don't know about Homecoming Cove could drive them apart before they even get the chance to see if they have a future together. Melissa's a music composer and Stone has odd jobs, one of which is caretaker to Homecoming Cove. When mysterious happenings cause Melissa unease, who can she run to but to Stone. As they research the house's past, will they find they have more in common than they first thought? Or will what they find endanger their lives and cause Melissa to leave? Check out this great book today and enjoy the feeling of home from The House at Homecoming Cove.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Island Christmas by Kimberly Rose Johnson

I loved this story by Kimberly Rose Johnson! Everyone has a past, but God loves us anyway. These characters are facing situations I could relate to with emotions I could sympathize with. I was pulled into the story from the first page, especially because of little Jason.

Rachel Narrelli has returned to the Wildflower Bed-and-Breakfast with her 3 year old son Jason. She is the new sous chef at Wildflower Fresh. When she's invited to church, she thinks she can't go with all the perfect people. What would they think of her?

Chris Campbell is looking for investment property. All the men in his family have died young from heart disease and that's what he figures will happen to him. He is staying at the Wildflower Bed-and-Breakfast until he finds a place. Rachel and Jason capture his interest from the beginning; however, Rachel doesn't share his faith.

Rachel's husband died from cancer and she doesn't want to marry another guy who will die young and leave her. Can she let go of her fear? What will Chris think when he finds out about her past? Can Rachel and Chris let go of their past and fears to embrace a future together?

Read this wonderful story today about forgiveness and trust in God for a great love story!

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Sweet Christmas Kisses 2 by Denise Devine, Raine English, Aileen Fish

A Christmas to Remember by Denise Devine

Katie McGowan is heading home to spend Christmas with her family. She didn't expect to get snowed in at Lakewood Resort, the place that held so many memories for her. Her husband was killed on one of the snowmobile trails there 2 years ago and she hadn't been back since.

Ryan Scott is running from his family and Christmas. His parents are getting a divorce and he has decided to not spend time with his sister and her family. He is at Lakewood Resort to take his snowmobile out on the trails, but with the blizzard he'll have to wait.

Katie and Ryan rescue an abandoned pup while snowed in at the Resort. Katie has to work through her loss. Ryan has to realize what is important to him. In the midst of this, will they find each other? This was a great story!

An Angel for Christmas by Raine English

Alexa Stevens was married, had a house, had a job, had a daughter, had enough money to get by, and then everything went wrong. Her husband killed himself, she was laid off, she didn't know how she was going to make the rent, and didn't have enough money to buy groceries. How could she ever trust anyone? Her husband hadn't told her the truth about their circumstances and her boss had moved his company out of state, laying off employees. Didn't he know what he'd done and the effect it would have on the laid off employees? Alexa's daughter, 8 year old Cara, doesn't understand what is going on.

Alexa and her friend Sally talk about the owner of the company that laid them off and speculate what they would do if they could talk to the owner.

Blake Collins' wife left him for the pool boy after she spoiled their 10 year old daughter Britney to the point no one could do anything with her. Nannies had come and gone. None would stay. Can he convince Alexa to come work for him as his nanny to Britney? Can Alexa teach Blake that not all women are like his ex-wife?

I loved this story and the characters Alexa and Blake. A wonderfully sweet Christmas romance!

The Cowboy's Christmas Bride by Aileen Fish

Tara Goodwin planned to spend Christmas break with her best friend Cheyenne. She gets stuck in the snow and Dylan Frost rescues her. They have to spend the night in his cabin because he has a cow giving birth. Tara is an almost-graduate of vet school and helps with the delivery. I loved their bantering back and forth. Dylan's mother left him and his brothers when he was little and he hasn't forgotten nor forgiven her. He figures if his mother could leave him how could anyone else love him. Tara is going to take over her grandpa's vet clinic when she graduates to pay him back for her schooling. They are hundreds of miles apart. How can they continue a relationship if they will never see each other? Will Dylan's heart open to love? Will they be able to make it work being so far apart? This sweet romance is a great story! Her independence and sense of family draws Dylan, but will it also keep them apart?

I received a free copy of these three stories in exchange for an honest review.

Monday, October 5, 2015

After Joy Ohagwu

When you've lost everything, that's when you trust God fully. What happens after you say yes to Jesus?

JB Patrickson was doing well for himself until the housing market collapse in 2008. Later, his grandma asks him to come take over her farm, in Maryland, because she is going to a senior care facility. He hadn't been there in 15 years for his 18th birthday. He sees the video of Candace Rodriguez' downfall and feels God urging him to pray for her. Why would God ask him to do that? He doesn't know her, has never met her.

I loved this story by Joy Ohagwu. God's love and peace are interwoven throughout this story of living your life for God. Step out in faith and follow God today. See where it will lead.

I received a free copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

If I Plug My Ears, God Can't Tell Me What To Do by Jessie Clemence

I loved this book by Jessie Clemence. With truth, humor, and direct questions, she tackles the topic of obeying God when He tells us to do something. It does not matter what you have done. God is not done with you yet. Find your gift and do your part. This book takes you from getting started with doing what God's called you to do, to how to prepare, to what to watch out for, and gives lots of encouragement for stepping out of your comfort zone and following God. She uses people from the Bible and their struggles and accomplishments to show how God moved. Nothing they did was insignificant. God took their obedience and worked great things. He can do the same through you. Many scriptural references are used to encourage us to follow God's will for our lives as well as stories from contemporary folks who stepped out and obeyed God.

Pick up this great book today and start listening for what God wants you to do. There are questions at the end of each chapter to help you work though each chapter and get the most out of it, including scriptural references.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Burk's Surrender by Dora Hiers

Burk Harmon and Lacie Heatherton work for the city. He agrees to go on a trip with her, escorting 50 senior citizens to a mountain resort for a few days. Can he prove to her on this trip that he is the guy for her? I loved the chemistry between these two characters and trying to find out what was holding them back.

Lacie knows Burke is dependable, sweet, comfortable. They're best friends. She's known him since she was unmarried and pregnant with her 13 year old daughter. She invoked her no dating policy and Burk hasn't tried to date her till now. She's spent her life up to this point taking care of her daughter. Burk wants to be a bigger part of her life. But will Lacie let him?

Lacie's not sure God still cares for her. After everything she's been through, God has felt far away. Why would Burk care for her? Lacie's past is holding her back from her future. She needs healing and peace to come to terms with what happened. Can Burk convince her to give him a chance?

As Lacie's job is on the line, Burk tries to woo her, proving he can be trusted. These two characters will stay with you after you finish their story. This is a very sweet Christian romance.

No matter how others have treated you, God is always there. He loves you so much.

I received a free copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Love's Gift by Christy Lawri

I loved this story by Christy Lawri. Love's Gift is a contemporary Christian romance set in Love's Corner, Nebraska. Laney St. James finds out on her adoptive mother's deathbed that her birth mother is still alive. Her adoptive mother had told her she had died, so not only does she have to deal with her adoptive mother's death, she also has to come to terms that her real mother is still alive. Laney finds a box of letters and pictures from her real mother, realizing she had continued trying to get in touch with her through the years. Can she forgive her adoptive mother for concealing the truth from her?

Jonas Wyatt is the minister in Love's Corner, where Laney's real mother lives with her husband and family. His wife had died, leaving behind a little girl. Jonas is having a hard time understanding why people have to deal with pain and death. Can Jonas get past his hurts and feelings of betrayal from God?

Laney makes prayer shawls for people having surgery or going through things and need prayer. She has the pastor bless them and she hands them out. When she contacts her birth mother, she finds out her grandfather is in the hospital. She takes her prayer shawls with her when she goes to see them. Will they be happy to see her? Can Laney forgive them for giving her up?

Laney and Jonas feel something when they meet. Can they accept the gift of love they've been given or are there too many things keeping them apart? I was pulled into the story from the beginning and found myself cheering for Laney, hoping she could embrace her new family. Jonas and his daughter were realistic characters finding their way after a death in their family. I look forward to reading more books by this author.

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

12 Brides of Summer by Vickie McDonough, Diana Brandmeyer, and Davalynn Spencer

This collection has 3 stories by wonderful authors writing about the 1800s. Each one is a great read from times past. Pull up a chair and get lost in days gone by and be encouraged.

The Country Fair Bride by Vickie McDonough

The Honey Bride by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer

The Columbine Bride by Davalynn Spencer

Lucy Powell's husband was killed by lightning. She is left to raise her kids. She's doing the best she can, but Buck Reiter comes along and he can't just let her do the work alone. He lives on the ranch next to hers, but he is planning on leaving. When she moves back to her late husband's farm, Buck can't leave her to fend for herself. But, how long will he stay when he ends up on the business end of her rifle? She's ready to take on whatever she needs to in order to survive. Can they learn to trust each other and find the path God has for them? This story made me chuckle and root for the hero and heroine to find each other.

Second Chance Bride by Raine English

Kya Reynolds started an animal shelter five years ago. Soon after she rescues a dog, he tries to convince her Devon Young is who she should be marrying. Will Kya listen to her dog or continue her wedding plans with someone else?

Devon Young is a widower. He believes he will never find happiness again, but when his golden retriever falls for a rescue dog, will sparks fly between Devon and the other dog's owner?

Kya and Devon are afraid to follow their hearts. Will their dogs help them to see they belong together? This is a sweet romance with real heart issues and matchmaking dogs. Kya is afraid to open up after her dog died. She is set to marry someone else. Can she give that up for someone who isn't ready for a relationship? Devon is lost in his past before his wife died. Will he be open to a new love? Can they realize a future together? Their dogs are working hard to make them see a future together, but will it be enough?

I was pulled into this story and didn't want it to end. This is a fun, sweet romance you won't soon forget.

I received a free copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Daughters of the Heart by Caryl McAdoo

I loved this historical christian fiction story by Caryl McAdoo. It is book 5 in the Texas Romance series. You don't have to read the books in order, but it helps to know the backgrounds of the characters. Cecilia, Gwendolyn, and Bonnie have vowed not to break their father's heart like their older sister did when she ran off and got married. Anybody that even thinks of dating his daughters, their father will shoot. But can Henry Buckmeyer go against his daughters' wishes when they find their one true loves and wish to marry before they turn 18?

Cecilia meets a man and wants to spend her future with him. But he's leaving Texas and going to California. How can they stand being apart? Gwendolyn's suitor has been run off by her father, but he comes back for her. Another man shows up and Gwendolyn can't decide which one she likes better. Cecilia and Gwendolyn must decide if they can trust their hearts or if one of their beaus is a fraud.

This is a great story filled with engaging characters, descriptive settings, and a flowing story line. I didn't want the story to end. What do you do when your past catches up to you and your future is closer than you want? Step into Henry's shoes and see how he handles his past and the changing future.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Chasing Happiness by Raine English

This is a short, sweet, heartwarming romance, the first in the Love Always series, but it can also be read as a standalone. Three childhood friends vowed to be wed by the time they were 25. Time is fast approaching. Can they find their true loves? Together they own Rosebud, a flower shop in Lakefield, Maine.

Zoe Goodwin, Ariana Black, and Katie Dunn own Rosebud and are getting prepared for opening day. Ariana had been living in New York as a model until she came back home and went into business with them. What happened while she was in New York? Later that evening at the grand opening party, Phil confronts her about leaving him. Why did Ariana come back home and why is she running from Phil?

Katie is engaged to Jake Patterson. She has a bad feeling about Dan, Zoe's boyfriend. Is Jake who she is intended to marry?

Zoe is dating Dan Stevens. Why don't her friends like him? Zoe has decided not to move in with Dan until marriage, but he presses the issue, even giving her a key to his place. What happens when she uses the key to thank him for referring their flower business to his friends which increases their sales?

After getting to know these characters, I can't wait to read the rest of the series and see what happens. Even after reading this story, I caught myself thinking about the characters, wondering what was going to happen. Definitely a series I will be reading over and over!

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sequins and Spurs by Cheryl St John

I loved this book by Cheryl St John. Ruby Deering left home at a young age to pursue her dream. She becomes a singer in Western towns traveling by train from town to town. Nash Sommerton married Ruby's sister to pursue his dream of owning a ranch. Will Nash and Ruby find forgiveness with each other?

Ruby comes back home to ask her mother and sister to forgive her for leaving them. She finds out that while she was gone, her mom and sister have died, her brother-in-law is living in her house, and she has a niece and nephew. Can Ruby and Nash forge their differences, let go of past mistakes, and make a life together?

Nash wants to own a ranch. He decides to marry Ruby's sister to help her and her mother out. When they die, his parents help out while he makes a go of the ranch. Once Ruby comes back home, he's afraid she'll take the place back. Can they come to an agreement? Can Ruby forgive herself for leaving her family in a bind even though she was a child when she left?

This is a wonderful story of forgiveness, letting go of the past, but realizing the past shapes who you are and makes you the person you are now. Have no regrets for your past, but move forward becoming the person you were meant to be. The descriptions in this historical novel took me back in time. The characters became friends I didn't want to leave at the end of their story. I admired the qualities of Ruby and Nash that made them who they are. Whether Ruby was standing up for herself, an orphan girl, or an abused horse, she followed through what she started and stood up for what she believed in.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Island Dreams by Kimberly Rose Johnson

This is the second book in the Wildflower B&B romance series. Piper Hunt has come to Wildflower Island to develop her family's land. Chase Grayson owns the property next to hers. He does not want the high scale resort she plans on building built on the island and will convince the town council to agree with him, if Piper can't change his mind. And if she can't change his mind, her dad may just fire her from Hunt Enterprises. She's got this one chance to prove she can do it, regardless of her past mistakes.

Piper needs to build this resort. If she doesn't, she may not have a future in her dad's company. But will the resort be good for the island? She's got a past she trying not to repeat, but if she's can't convince Chase how can she convince anyone else?

Chase is intent on making Piper leave. He can't take a chance with his heart if that person his heart wants is going to destroy his island. His ex-girlfriend left him when she realized how remotely he lived. Piper likes the big city and is determined to bring the big city to his doorstep. Can he convince her his island doesn't need the big city?

Will Chase support Piper's project? Will he find out the real reason for her development persistence? And in the midst of all this, Nick and Zoe are getting ready for their wedding. Will Zoe back out, or is she ready to take the next step? Pick up this great book for a wonderfully sweet romance by a great author!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Where Hearts Meet by Loree Peery

Another great romance by Loree Peery. Deena Shores works at Francisco Memory Care as a care companion. One of her patients is Rose Hart who suffers from Alzheimer's. Deena's father left her and her mother when she was little causing Deena to feel abandoned. She can't fall in love because they would leave just like her father did. Why would God let him leave?

Simon Hart, Rose's son, is gruff and unapproachable when Deena sees him as she's caring for his mother Rose. His ex-wife left after 6 months of marriage. He doesn't know where she went. He can't trust his heart to anyone else for fear they will leave.

As Simon sees Deena caring for his mom, he must face his past. When his ex-wife shows up, he must choose whether to stay with her or let her go to build a future with Deena.

Deena believes her father left her at a young age due to something she did. Simon doesn't know why his ex-wife disappeared. Can Deena and Simon find happiness together as they learn to trust in God and let go of their past? Pick up this great story to find out. This is a sweet romance, but also realistically portrays the struggles Deena and Simon face dealing with Alzheimer's. Will they be pulled apart or drawn closer together?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Love In Mistletoe Springs Collection of Stories

A Cockatoo for Two by Lee Carver

Second Chance Animal Shelter finds homes for strays and surrendered animals of Mistletoe Springs. They need to acquire funds in order to stay open. Each of these stories connect to putting together the fundraiser.

Nikki Waldrup is a teacher whose son suffers from asthma. The faculty are rallying together to save the Second Chance Animal Shelter, but she is more concerned with her son who is allergic to cats and dogs. Caleb Chase is the principal in charge of activities to help raise money for the shelter. When Nikki's mother adopts a cockatoo for Nikki's son Nate, she asks Caleb to help her with the cockatoo. Can a cockatoo bring two people together? Will they have a future together? This is a very sweet romance. I loved the story line, which kept me turning the pages to see what would happen next.

Brewed With Love by Kimberly Rose Johnson

I loved this romance! Bryan Grant knew Amber Cooke when they were teens volunteering at Second Chance Animal Shelter. Now that Amber has taken over the Main Street Java, Bryan is trying to find a place for his band to practice. Amber doesn't like music or firefighters, and Bryan is both. Will Amber's fear keep her apart from Bryan?

Stray Gifts by Lee Tobin McLain

Dani Cooper has been twice-divorced and has four kids. She is too trusting, so she's going to change. Shane MacQuaid is a war veteran running from his wealthy family ties. He's a handyman who wants to stay in town and fix things, Dani's heart included. Can she open her heart one more time for love? This was a very sweet romance. "Stray gifts from God, to be valued, and treasured, and shared." Perfect ending.

Mistletoe Madness by Gail Sattler

Kayla Kowalchuck is organizing getting the animals noticed by prospective adopters for the fundraiser. She isn't sure how to get videos uploaded or use social media to get the word out about the event, so her brother's friend Drew Matthews helps her. Kayla has grown up with her brother and Drew teasing her and making fun. Why is her heart now telling her he's different? Can Drew prove to her he's changed?

Mr. Christmas and Miss Scrooge by Ginger Solomon

Mitch Silverton works at Holberg's Hardware. The owners have left their daughter Margaret Holberg in charge while they travel abroad. Can Mitch convince her he is more than her employee? Mitch is supposed to take care of decorations for the Christmas in July fundraiser. Margaret won't let him borrow decorations. How can he convince her to give him her heart?

This is a great collection of stories from talented authors. Spinning stories around a fundraiser orchestrated to save the local animal shelter made for fun stories of romance, love, pets, and overcoming obstacles. Pick up this great book today!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Splash! 9 Refreshing Romances Filled With Faith

His Perfect Catch by Narelle Atkins

Mia Radcliffe is staying in her cousin's beach house in Sapphire Bay, Australia, to get away from her ex-fiance's latest scandal. Pete McCall is her neighbor and Mia had a crush on him years ago. He is renovating his beach house, but with Mia's uptown ways, he thinks she'd never settle for a guy like him. From the first cup of shared coffee, Mia and Pete find they have more in common than they first thought. Mia is planning to go back to Sydney once things settle down with her ex. She likes the big city and the high paying jobs. Pete plans to stay in Sapphire Bay. When Mia's ex follows her to Sapphire Bay, she must make a decision. Follow her plan to move back to Sydney or follow her heart and stay with Pete? To make the decision even harder, she is offered the position of salon manager in Sydney. Pick up this great inspirational romance to see what happens. Another great story by Narelle Atkins.

Sweet Serenade by Valerie Comer

Base Camp Outfitters, in Riverbend BC, a Canadian town, is looking for a water guide. Carly Thorbergsen applies and gets the job, living with her cousin Brittany. She invites Carly to a church get-together and there she meets Reed Daniels.

Reed Daniels owns a company that offers single and multi-day rafting, kayaking, and canoeing trips, chief competition to Base Camp Outfitters. Reed likes Carly, but he is not going to rush into anything. They both love the water and love God, but Carly feels like she isn't good enough for Reed. When Reed backs off, she feels like he really doesn't like her.

This is a great love story of making sure you've found the one God has picked for you. I loved this story and the great descriptions of the Canadian outdoors.

More Than Friends: The Macleans Book 2 by Autumn Macarthur

Catriona Maclean and Alistair Murray feel they aren't good enough for each other. Cat is compared to a nun, performing works of service. She has spent years being angry, resentful. Her brother has a disability and between the church and her brother, her parents didn't have time for her. She has spent her life doing the right thing, putting her needs behind everybody else's. She works with special needs kids and is planning a church trip to give their caregivers a break. Her helper can't go so she has to call Alistair Murray, the guy she's had feelings for. But he's playing a dating game, a different girl every weekend.

Alistair is totally out of his element with the kids, but he pitches in and does his part. Cat can't imagine where she'd be without his help. They make a good team. But with Cat's past, can they find a future? Her guilt and hurt dictate her actions. Can she let that go? She promised God she would make herself useful by being of service to others, to make up for her shortcomings. Can she learn that God loves her in spite of herself?

Love Flies in by Heidi McCakan

This was a fun, heartwarming romance set in Emerald Cove, Alaska. Tisha McDowell is a sea kayak guide. She receives a letter from her mama wanting her to come home since her dad is sick. However, the past keeps Tisha in Alaska.

Chase Binford is a pilot and runs into Tisha. They used to know each other in college when she would make fun of his faith. CAn Tish show him she has grown and matured? Or will he be gone before he finds out how much she has changed?

Tisha can't be with someone who refuses to forget the past, whether her mother or Chase. But if she forgave them for past mistakes and moved on? We do what we have to do for the ones we love. Forgiveness frees you to love. Grace helps us to see beyond the past. Can Heidi and Chase find a future together?

Testing the Waters Crescent Cove I by Lesley Ann McDaniel

Teresa Reynolds is staying in Crescent Cove Oregon for a while and meets Curt Mason. He has a beach house. He's got everything he could ever want: a job, close to the beach. He is there helping out his cousin. Teresa's ex-boyfriend always put her down and she's trying to get past that. But she wonders who would really like her plain looks. She pretends to be someone else when she meets Curt. Her accent, her story, draw the reader into her life and keep you turning the pages to see how it will turn out. Will Curt see past her attempts at pretending to be someone else? Lilly wants Curt to work on a contest entry about finding love at her Inn. Teresa and Curt go around town doing what tourists would do. Do they find love for themselves? You'll have to read this story to find out.

The Lifeguards, the Swim Team, and Frozen Custard by Carol Moncado

Southwest Missouri. Alivia is a swim team coach/lifeguard. CJ has moved here to take care of his sisters. As they work together, they learn more about each other. He thinks she has spoken to her boss about him and doesn't want things handed to him. Will they be able to work through their past to find their future?

Time and Tide by Lynette Sowell

Karyn Lewis has come home to Pine Breezes Campground. She lost her writing job in New York and has come to help out her aunt and uncle. This is where she spent her summers and where she now feels at home until she can land a new job. She left Chincoteague right after high school and a major accident. Brodie Reed is a name from her past. He is a handyman at the campground. When the secrets come out about the accident that killed Brodie's daughter's mother, can they find a future together or will the past keep them apart?

Karyn is offered another job in New York. Will she be content staying in Chincoteague or will her job separate her and Brodie?

Draw You Near by Jan Thompson

Abilene Dupree is an artist living in Savannah. Lars Cargill tracks her down to find out who a woman is in one of her paintings. As they get to know each other, Lars figures out who is in the painting. Abilene's friend does a background check on Lars and fills her in on who he really is. When Lars' past catches up to him, will Abilene still be in his future? Can Abilene tell Lars who she really is? When her ex-boyfriend shows up, will she choose the life she knew or the life she can have with Lars?

Orphaned Hearts by Marion Ueckermann

Once I started this story, I couldn't put it down. Set in Africa, Simon Hartley is raising his daughter alone after his wife dies. Abigail Chadwick is going to spend one year not being Lady Abigail and work at an orphanage in Africa before marrying. Can Simone finally put his wife to rest and fall in love again? Can Lady Abigail be happy in Africa away from the luxury she is used to?

I enjoyed reading each of these romance stories in this collection set in different locations.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Rori's Healing by Dora Hiers

I loved this story by Dora Hiers. Each one gets better and better. The characters pulled me into their story; their struggles kept me turning the pages. I identified with the heroine and her fear of social situations. And what better hero for her than one that makes her stretch her comfort zone?

Rori Harmon's father committed suicide due to excessive media coverage of his high-profiled life. Rori doesn't trust anyone, and especially God, since he didn't answer her prayers. Rori is learning to pray again, and trusting God to heal her heart and help her overcome her fear. Can Rori trust Graham not to put her in the same situation?

Graham Decker is a race car driver. He lives in the spotlight. Graham is used to women chasing after him for his money, prestige, getting whatever they can out of him. What will he think of Rori who won't have anything to do with him because of his career choice? Can he prove to Rori he's the guy for her? He makes a point of being there when Rori needs him, but his career takes him on the road each week.

Rori's fear holds her hostage. Graham's past makes it hard for him to trust women. Take comfort and get inspiration from their journey learning, "There's no room for fear in our lives when we experience God's perfect love."

If you love Christian romance, reading a story that encourages and uplifts you, and one that helps you in your walk with God, this is the story for you. Fear blocks us from doing what God wants us to do. Take that first step out of your comfort zone. You'll find God there.

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Seaside Proposal by Narelle Atkins

I loved this book by Narelle Atkins. Themes of forgiveness and hope are interwoven throughout her characters' struggles pulling me into the story.

Billie Ratcliffe has found her birth father. Fear of rejection and betrayal keep her doubting whether to approach him or not. Her birth mother died before she had a chance to meet her. but since Billie avoids church, how can she get to know her real father before telling him the truth? Her experiences in the past with church people have driven her away from the church. Will her birth father be like them and reject her?

Zach Montford is a merchant banker/youth leader. He is deciding to go into full time ministry and leave his steady job with great pay behind. Can he find a future with Billie who avoids church and doesn't seem to have much faith?

Church people are imperfect. Is Billie's father like her experience in the past or is he like the people Zach describes, kind and forgiving? Will he accept her as his daughter or want to hide her away so others won't judge him? What happens when Zach finds out she is hiding this secret from him?

Pick up this great book today! I loved the characters in this one and the story line. The setting is in beautiful Australia.

This story drew me closer to God as I read it. What I kept thinking about after I'd read it was: Don't do something because it is expected of you; do it because it's what you want to do. Like going to church.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Island Refuge by Kimberly Rose Johnson

This book has it all: past hurts, betrayal, guilt. How can you move on when your past is weighing you down? Do you turn it over to God, or keep it to yourself?

Nick Jackson opens Wildflower Bed-and-Breakfast in Wildflower, WA. He bought the place when he closed his medical practice. He doesn't feel like anyone can rely on him. He let he wife die, after all. Even if he hadn't known anything was wrong, he feels he should have known and taken better care. How can he forgive himself for that?

Zoe Griffin is an executive chef from a five-star restaurant who becomes Wildflower B&B's cook and housekeeper. Her ex-fiance and ex-best friend betrayed her and she's come here to start over. She's been deceived once. Can she trust Nick with her heart? Does he even want it?

Nick and Zoe are running from pain, but soon realize it follows them no matter where they go. Zoe is reminded she needs to take time and talk to God. She needs to forgive the ones who have hurt her so she can move on. Nick needs to forgive himself over something he had no control over. Will they let God heal their hearts and find love with each other?

I loved this book. The characters grabbed my interest and the plot was engaging. Forgive as God has forgiven you. God never leaves us, but sometimes we forget He's there. This book drew me in to the characters' struggles and their weakened relationship with God. When we are struggling or don't understand why things happen, God is right there to comfort us. We just need to turn to Him and let Him heal our hearts. I look forward to more books by Kimberly Rose Johnson.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Friday, March 20, 2015

The Tomb by Stephanie Landsem

I loved this story of Martha by Stephanie Landsem. Martha tries so hard to please everyone, working hard to keep the laws, putting everyone ahead of herself. Her sister Mary sits at Jesus' feet while Martha works to fix the food and serve it. She doesn't have time to follow her heart.

Martha's story starts when she does follow her heart and suffers the consequences of her actions. When she gives her heart to Isa, will she see him again? Her brother Lazarus wants her to marry Simon. Due to her reputation as a perfect woman who follows the law, Simon agrees to marry her. Will Martha be able to trust in the Lord when it really counts, or will she become the woman she has always despised?

The Tomb draws you into the man Jesus is and how he was viewed. Martha's struggles are real life struggles. Facing peer pressure can you stand up for what Jesus would have you do? Why is it so hard to believe Jesus is who he said he is? These stories give you a closer look at Jesus and his life, journey, family, and followers. She makes you feel like you are really there, living in Jesus' time. The secondary characters come to life and bring an added dimension to the story.

Pick up this story today for a fascinating look at Martha, Mary, Lazarus, and Jesus. I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Teach me Your Word, O Lord by Terry McCraw

This insightful book is filled with messages by Terry McCraw, who has a depth of knowledge in understanding spiritual things. Teach me Your Word, O Lord has 16 messages ranging from Mary, Martha, and Lazarus to worship to the message of the cross. The simplicity of these messages will help even the novice reader understand God's word and it's application to their own lives. The experienced Christian can also benefit from this book's encouraging and uplifting messages.

In the message, "Who is the Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven?" Terry McCraw states, "Jesus wants us to have child-like faith. Little children believe what they are told." This spoke to my heart. Children believe what you say. If we would take that faith and apply it to God's word and what He's told us, there would be no doubt as to who God is and wants to be in our lives.

In this same chapter, McCraw states, "If we expect to achieve greatness in the Kingdom, we must love one another, not allow hard feelings to exist between us and others, and do everything possible to maintain peace and unity in the body of Christ." A simple command, but one that is so hard to fulfill. Why do Christians tend to tear down their fellow church members? We should lift up and encourage those around us. Love one another.

This book would make a great devotional. Each day spend time on each message. If you are ready to dig deeper into God's word, pick up this great book!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Then the Deluge Comes by Caryl McAdoo

Then the Deluge Comes is volume two in The Generations Series. You do not need to read these in order, but it is fun to read these along with the events in the Bible. This Biblical fiction story about the flood brings Enoch, Mehtuselah, Lamech, and Noah to life. I feel like I am there as they are getting the ark ready for the flood to come. Reading about Noah's mother, and Noah's sons and where their wives came from opened up a view of their lives and the events that led to the building of the ark.

When Enoch is taken up, he visits with an ancient angel. These insights bring depth to the biblical story. Who where Noah's sons' wives? Where did they come from? What tools did they use to build the ark? While gathering pitch, preparing the ark, and getting the food ready, Caryl McAdoo's story brings God to life. He spoke to Noah, he helped them build the ark, He shut the door. While in the ark, Noah's wife thinks on Adam's remarkable job of naming all the animals. Could you imagine being there on the ark, with all the animals, knowing God was going to destroy the earth and everything in it? I felt Noah's ache knowing God had given up on any of his distant kin ever repenting. He knew the sons of Cain were still out there, but they never believed in God and were not saved.

Noah's mother painted an ark before God told Noah to build it, but she didn't know what it was. Noah tells her God told me to build an ark. When his mother asked what is it, he answered, your painting. God supplies before we even know we have need. As they are building the ark, everything comes into place, all the animals are there, the food is ready. But they can't get the door shut. It is too heavy. Then the finger of God shut the door of the ark. Where will the water come from? Noah's mother got to watch the waters come up from the deep.

This is my favorite part of Caryl McAdoo's books: Search the Scriptures, after the story. this part tells how the Bible backs up the fictional story. She relates scripture after scripture. It is like a mini Bible lesson. I look forward to many more books by this author. For an encouraging, uplifting, and eye-opening read, I recommend Then the Deluge Comes.

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Tatiana (Upward Way Chronicles Book 1) by Madeline Brock

I loved this book by Madeline Brock. I fell in love with Tatiana and couldn't wait to see what she would get into next. She was born in 1831 and was named for a fairy queen. She lived up to her name by being spoiled by family members and feeling like she should always get her way. Her older sisters help take care of her since their daddy works and their mother died. Jonny Creek shows up at church one morning, and Tatiana goes to sit with him, this intriguing stranger. She is very outspoken and forthright, not understanding decorum and social niceties.

However, at a young age, she gives her childlike, sinful heart to Jesus to make clean again. She would have to continually ask God to forgive her for her rash tongue, for acting before she thought, and for being headstrong. At 11, this is a huge feat, but with grit, determination, and persistence, she follows what she believes God has called her to be. At 13, she talks to a friend of hers about Jesus and how he made her heart clean. At 14, she goes to take care of a couple of kids whose mother has died. Tatiana is an inspiration.

When she returns at age 17, Tatiana is a more mature woman and she and Jonny reconnect. But what of Robert? He likes her as well. What would God have her do? Which of these men is the man God has for her? How can Tatiana know for sure?

Forgiveness runs throughout this story. God is a God of compassion, "He knows your heart and He loves you just the same." Tatiana knows who has her heart, but should she settle for the man she knows or wait on God? As she lives her life, her story drew me in. I laughed, cried, and cheered as I read. Can't wait to read more by Madeline Brock!

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Chance for Moonlight by Ella Dement

Kaitlin Petofi works at her family's cafe and bakery. Joe O'Reilly is a Merchant Marine, active duty. His existence feels uninhabited. Can Kaitlin bring life and hope and joy to him?

Beryl Gaelridge has had trouble in her past and James Tolbot came to her rescue. Can he help her put her life back together and forge a future with him?

Bram Gaelridge is a speaker at a conference and is Beryl's half-brother. Thalia Petofi is Kaitlin's cousin and is Bram's debate opponent, among other things.

I fell in love with these characters and would love to read more about them. You get to know so much about them in this short story. I wasn't ready for it to end. Their stories deal with real life issues like domestic violence, being an orphan, and sharing a life together. I was drawn in by the characters' dialogues and the situations they had to deal with. Beryl and James were my favorites. I could feel Beryl's pain, frustration, and fear. Would love to read more about these characters and can't wait to read more by this author!

I received a free copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.

Paisley's Pattern by LoRee Peery

God has a sense of humor. He would have to. How else could you explain it? Paisley Robbins lives in the same town as Robin Paisley. Paisley moved around a lot with her mother. She figured that was just the way things are. Robin has no idea how he got his name. He is angry about his past, always struggling that he never knew who his father was. Paisley gets Robin's mail. They fall in love. But then, their past, their fears, and their doubts tear them apart.

Robin Paisley has stopped talking to his mother. She would never talk about his father. He has so much bitterness about his past God can't move in his future. He has lost the one woman he loved. Paisley is his exact opposite and she couldn't live with his seriousness, bitterness, and the chip on his shoulder. Can Robin turn all his bitterness over to God?

Paisley gets a job tagging items for a sale in a house for her aunt. She is used to picking up and moving every 6 months growing up with her mother. But now, what would it be like to set down roots and live somewhere permanently? If Robin could come to terms with his past and let God fill his heart with joy, could she marry him?

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. This is a wonderful story of two characters figuring out who they are. Paisley and Robbin need to let God's Word speak to their heart, to let His love shine through them. Paisley discovers long buried secrets in the house. Will it bring Paisley and Robin closer together or tear them further apart?

I loved the characters; the real life situations, their struggles, pulled me into their story. Another great book by LoRee Peery!

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Winning Over the Heiress by: Narelle Atkins

You will love this story from the cover, to the first page, to the satisfying conclusion. Can a bad boy surfer dude turn his life around? Can the woman he loves trust him?

Sean Mitchell has a past he's not proud of: gambling debts, embezzlement, drinking. He doesn't see eye to eye with his dad. Can he overcome against discontent? That's what got him into trouble before, buying things he couldn't afford. Can his faith help him to become a better person? God's grace covers his sins, but he wonders if he is worthy of God's forgiveness. Can he trust God to do a work in his life?

Julia Radcliffe knows Sean's reputation, but he says he's a changed man now. Can she believe him? Julia is searching for her birth mom. She doesn't know who her father is. She feels she has to earn God's love. She can't understand the concept that God's grace is free and no amount of works will compensate for it. If she serves on a mission field or becomes a pastor's wife, then she will feel she has earned God's approval. She feels she is a good enough person, that she has to make herself look better in God's eyes. Marrying a pastor would improve her status. How does Sean fit into this ideal she has set up for herself? He has a past, but says he's changed. Do his actions follow his words?

Julia thinks her works will make a difference in God's eyes. Sean feels he'll never be good enough for Julia. Can they learn to trust each other and God? We each have a past, but when God forgives us, that past is forgiven. Sometimes it's much harder to forgive ourselves. No one can improve their status or do enough works to pay for grace. Grace is free. We just have to accept it. Julia's story sticks out because she's always tried to do the right thing. But in God's eyes, there is no big or little sin. Everyone needs God's forgiveness and grace.

I loved the characters in this story. They pulled me right into this satisfying inspirational romance. For an encouraging, uplifting read, pick up this story today!

I received a copy of this book free in exchange for an honest review.

Discovering Hope The Diaries of the Woodsmall Sisters Book Two-Bethany's Diary by Rachel Rittenhouse

This second book in the series focuses on Bethany Woodsmall. She is a young teen growing up during the 1800s, and reading about her life and the challenges she faces on a farm in Minnesota, brings to life this time period and Bethany's family. The book is written in diary form. Bethany records the scriptures preached at church each week and what they meant to her. She writes about the issues that face her family, like living through a blizzard, the rain almost destroying the crops, sickness, and even death. The despair, the hope, the triumph are felt as Bethany writes in her diary.

This story is filled with hope, encouragement, and faith for us as we face daily challenges. Opening your heart to love, frees you to live life. I loved the drawn pictures interspersed in the book depicting the story. The characters come to life and I felt like I was living there with Bethany. Situations may arise beyond our control, or things happen that we don't understand, but take Bethany's advice. Rely on God, trust in Him. In God there is hope. As Bethany wrote in her diary, "Even in the rough times, God showed us His unending faithfulness and we truly discovered His hope."

I can't wait to read more books by Rachel Rittenhouse. She has a knack for bringing characters to life. You do not need to read Book 1 before reading this one. You will want to just to see what happened previously, but you won't be confused if you didn't. Read this story today and get to know Bethany and her family. Teens would love this book as it is from a teen's viewpoint, as well as others who enjoy the 1800s, and characters who grow in their faith in God.

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Accidental Fiancee by Mary Moore

I loved this Christian historical romance by Mary Moore! I loved the dialogue between Lady Grace Endicott and Lord Weston. She is caught in a compromising situation, but she will do everything she has to in order to ensure nothing hurts her sister Lydia's introduction to society. To protect Grace's reputation, Lord Weston announces she is his betrothed. Sounds simple. Pretend to be betrothed and then break it off. But what happens when one of them is a Christian and isn't comfortable lying?

Can a known rake come to accept God's grace? Can he turn his back on how he's lived his life and be the husband for Grace? He is determined to protect Grace's virtue, but the only way he can do that is to say she is his betrothed. Lord Weston is ready to put the plan into action, but Grace cannot lie about her situation. Grace has to follow along so her actions won't hurt her sister Lydia's chances of finding a suitable husband. Grace's sarcastic responses keep Lord Weston on his toes. She assumes she is too old for love but won't marry for convenience. Can they keep London society from guessing the truth? Or, will they discover they have more in common than they first thought?

God's grace is freely given and covers our sins. Can Grace show Lord Weston that means even him? "We have been given the gift of grace from God." Accidental Fiancee is a great book with snappy dialogue, intriguing characters, and a plot that pulls you in. Lady Grace is an independent young woman set on living her life as a Christian. As she and Lord Weston get to know each other, will she find the rake is past all hope, or is there still a chance for him?

Pick up this great book today and get lost in a wonderful love story!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Once a Marine (Those Marshall Boys) by Loree Lough

Once I started this book, I did not want to put it down. How do you overcome fear, doubt, and a violent attack? Different people react differently. Zach, a former Marine, is tormented by what happens when he can't control what's going on, like his sister's attack and men he lost in the war. But instead of hiding from his fear, he reaches out to help others.

Summer Lane has lived through her worst nightmare, a violent, near-death attack. She is a prisoner in her own home. Her neighbor's son, Alex Peterson, runs her errands for her so she doesn't have to go out. He tells her about Zach and his self-defense classes. Can she summon the courage to go out? Can she trust Zach enough to come out of her home?

Zach Marshall is a former Marine and teaches self-defense classes. Is he really interested in Summer, or does her situation make him want to protect her because of what she's been through? She can't be the woman for him since he wants a strong woman in his life to fulfill his dreams. But, once he meets Summer, is he falling for her, or just helping her to cope?

It was a joy to read this story and see how the main characters, Zach and Summer, change and grow. Fear, doubt, and lack of trust engulf Summer as she starts living her life again. Zach has a past too, from serving as a Marine. Can he let go and be the man Summer needs in her life? Can she become the woman Zach needs? Can they trust each other? Once a Marine is a sweet romance dealing with real life issues. He won't let Summer hide and Summer won't let him be her knight in shining armor. I can't wait to read the rest of the stories in this series!

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Monday, January 5, 2015

When Dawn Breaks by Jennifer Slattery

I loved this second novel by Jennifer Slattery! God's hope, love, and grace resonate throughout her stories. No matter what we are going through, no matter our past, God can use us and our circumstances.

Jacqueline Dunn moves in with her estranged daughter after a hurricane forces her out of her own home. Jacqueline has never been married. The church she attends is a refuge for the victims of the hurricane. She learns that everyone has a purpose; God has put her here for a reason. As she volunteers to help out, she meets 14 year old Gavin and his sisters.She failed her own daughter, but can God's grace forgive her for her past and let her have another chance with her daughter and with these kids displaced by the hurricane?

Jonathan Cohen has taken another job close to where Jacqueline's daughter lives. His wife died a few years before, and he only has a few more years until retirement. The job at his new place of employment isn't what it seems. Will he lose everything he's gained? It was so much fun seeing God working in his heart and his life. What will happen when he follows God's plan for his life?

This book perfectly describes what God can do with a willing heart and teachable spirit. Will Jacqueline and Jonathan follow God faithfully? Can Jonathan find love with Jacqueline, or will it be too much since he is so close to retirement? This contemporary romance incorporates real life situations and feelings.

Jacqueline's relationship with her daughter drew me in. She had a past she wasn't proud of, but was trusting God through his grace to help her daughter forgive her and reestablish a relationship. Gavin and his sisters added another dimension to the novel. What he and his sisters had been through was heartbreaking. Can Jacqueline make their future better? What about her daughter? How will she feel about Jacqueline taking on more kids?

Pick up this book today for an inspiring, encouraging read. Life's obstacles may get in your way, but God is bigger than those obstacles.

I received a copy of this book free in exchange for an honest review.