Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Seaside Proposal by Narelle Atkins

I loved this book by Narelle Atkins. Themes of forgiveness and hope are interwoven throughout her characters' struggles pulling me into the story.

Billie Ratcliffe has found her birth father. Fear of rejection and betrayal keep her doubting whether to approach him or not. Her birth mother died before she had a chance to meet her. but since Billie avoids church, how can she get to know her real father before telling him the truth? Her experiences in the past with church people have driven her away from the church. Will her birth father be like them and reject her?

Zach Montford is a merchant banker/youth leader. He is deciding to go into full time ministry and leave his steady job with great pay behind. Can he find a future with Billie who avoids church and doesn't seem to have much faith?

Church people are imperfect. Is Billie's father like her experience in the past or is he like the people Zach describes, kind and forgiving? Will he accept her as his daughter or want to hide her away so others won't judge him? What happens when Zach finds out she is hiding this secret from him?

Pick up this great book today! I loved the characters in this one and the story line. The setting is in beautiful Australia.

This story drew me closer to God as I read it. What I kept thinking about after I'd read it was: Don't do something because it is expected of you; do it because it's what you want to do. Like going to church.