Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sequins and Spurs by Cheryl St John

I loved this book by Cheryl St John. Ruby Deering left home at a young age to pursue her dream. She becomes a singer in Western towns traveling by train from town to town. Nash Sommerton married Ruby's sister to pursue his dream of owning a ranch. Will Nash and Ruby find forgiveness with each other?

Ruby comes back home to ask her mother and sister to forgive her for leaving them. She finds out that while she was gone, her mom and sister have died, her brother-in-law is living in her house, and she has a niece and nephew. Can Ruby and Nash forge their differences, let go of past mistakes, and make a life together?

Nash wants to own a ranch. He decides to marry Ruby's sister to help her and her mother out. When they die, his parents help out while he makes a go of the ranch. Once Ruby comes back home, he's afraid she'll take the place back. Can they come to an agreement? Can Ruby forgive herself for leaving her family in a bind even though she was a child when she left?

This is a wonderful story of forgiveness, letting go of the past, but realizing the past shapes who you are and makes you the person you are now. Have no regrets for your past, but move forward becoming the person you were meant to be. The descriptions in this historical novel took me back in time. The characters became friends I didn't want to leave at the end of their story. I admired the qualities of Ruby and Nash that made them who they are. Whether Ruby was standing up for herself, an orphan girl, or an abused horse, she followed through what she started and stood up for what she believed in.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Island Dreams by Kimberly Rose Johnson

This is the second book in the Wildflower B&B romance series. Piper Hunt has come to Wildflower Island to develop her family's land. Chase Grayson owns the property next to hers. He does not want the high scale resort she plans on building built on the island and will convince the town council to agree with him, if Piper can't change his mind. And if she can't change his mind, her dad may just fire her from Hunt Enterprises. She's got this one chance to prove she can do it, regardless of her past mistakes.

Piper needs to build this resort. If she doesn't, she may not have a future in her dad's company. But will the resort be good for the island? She's got a past she trying not to repeat, but if she's can't convince Chase how can she convince anyone else?

Chase is intent on making Piper leave. He can't take a chance with his heart if that person his heart wants is going to destroy his island. His ex-girlfriend left him when she realized how remotely he lived. Piper likes the big city and is determined to bring the big city to his doorstep. Can he convince her his island doesn't need the big city?

Will Chase support Piper's project? Will he find out the real reason for her development persistence? And in the midst of all this, Nick and Zoe are getting ready for their wedding. Will Zoe back out, or is she ready to take the next step? Pick up this great book for a wonderfully sweet romance by a great author!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Where Hearts Meet by Loree Peery

Another great romance by Loree Peery. Deena Shores works at Francisco Memory Care as a care companion. One of her patients is Rose Hart who suffers from Alzheimer's. Deena's father left her and her mother when she was little causing Deena to feel abandoned. She can't fall in love because they would leave just like her father did. Why would God let him leave?

Simon Hart, Rose's son, is gruff and unapproachable when Deena sees him as she's caring for his mother Rose. His ex-wife left after 6 months of marriage. He doesn't know where she went. He can't trust his heart to anyone else for fear they will leave.

As Simon sees Deena caring for his mom, he must face his past. When his ex-wife shows up, he must choose whether to stay with her or let her go to build a future with Deena.

Deena believes her father left her at a young age due to something she did. Simon doesn't know why his ex-wife disappeared. Can Deena and Simon find happiness together as they learn to trust in God and let go of their past? Pick up this great story to find out. This is a sweet romance, but also realistically portrays the struggles Deena and Simon face dealing with Alzheimer's. Will they be pulled apart or drawn closer together?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Love In Mistletoe Springs Collection of Stories

A Cockatoo for Two by Lee Carver

Second Chance Animal Shelter finds homes for strays and surrendered animals of Mistletoe Springs. They need to acquire funds in order to stay open. Each of these stories connect to putting together the fundraiser.

Nikki Waldrup is a teacher whose son suffers from asthma. The faculty are rallying together to save the Second Chance Animal Shelter, but she is more concerned with her son who is allergic to cats and dogs. Caleb Chase is the principal in charge of activities to help raise money for the shelter. When Nikki's mother adopts a cockatoo for Nikki's son Nate, she asks Caleb to help her with the cockatoo. Can a cockatoo bring two people together? Will they have a future together? This is a very sweet romance. I loved the story line, which kept me turning the pages to see what would happen next.

Brewed With Love by Kimberly Rose Johnson

I loved this romance! Bryan Grant knew Amber Cooke when they were teens volunteering at Second Chance Animal Shelter. Now that Amber has taken over the Main Street Java, Bryan is trying to find a place for his band to practice. Amber doesn't like music or firefighters, and Bryan is both. Will Amber's fear keep her apart from Bryan?

Stray Gifts by Lee Tobin McLain

Dani Cooper has been twice-divorced and has four kids. She is too trusting, so she's going to change. Shane MacQuaid is a war veteran running from his wealthy family ties. He's a handyman who wants to stay in town and fix things, Dani's heart included. Can she open her heart one more time for love? This was a very sweet romance. "Stray gifts from God, to be valued, and treasured, and shared." Perfect ending.

Mistletoe Madness by Gail Sattler

Kayla Kowalchuck is organizing getting the animals noticed by prospective adopters for the fundraiser. She isn't sure how to get videos uploaded or use social media to get the word out about the event, so her brother's friend Drew Matthews helps her. Kayla has grown up with her brother and Drew teasing her and making fun. Why is her heart now telling her he's different? Can Drew prove to her he's changed?

Mr. Christmas and Miss Scrooge by Ginger Solomon

Mitch Silverton works at Holberg's Hardware. The owners have left their daughter Margaret Holberg in charge while they travel abroad. Can Mitch convince her he is more than her employee? Mitch is supposed to take care of decorations for the Christmas in July fundraiser. Margaret won't let him borrow decorations. How can he convince her to give him her heart?

This is a great collection of stories from talented authors. Spinning stories around a fundraiser orchestrated to save the local animal shelter made for fun stories of romance, love, pets, and overcoming obstacles. Pick up this great book today!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Splash! 9 Refreshing Romances Filled With Faith

His Perfect Catch by Narelle Atkins

Mia Radcliffe is staying in her cousin's beach house in Sapphire Bay, Australia, to get away from her ex-fiance's latest scandal. Pete McCall is her neighbor and Mia had a crush on him years ago. He is renovating his beach house, but with Mia's uptown ways, he thinks she'd never settle for a guy like him. From the first cup of shared coffee, Mia and Pete find they have more in common than they first thought. Mia is planning to go back to Sydney once things settle down with her ex. She likes the big city and the high paying jobs. Pete plans to stay in Sapphire Bay. When Mia's ex follows her to Sapphire Bay, she must make a decision. Follow her plan to move back to Sydney or follow her heart and stay with Pete? To make the decision even harder, she is offered the position of salon manager in Sydney. Pick up this great inspirational romance to see what happens. Another great story by Narelle Atkins.

Sweet Serenade by Valerie Comer

Base Camp Outfitters, in Riverbend BC, a Canadian town, is looking for a water guide. Carly Thorbergsen applies and gets the job, living with her cousin Brittany. She invites Carly to a church get-together and there she meets Reed Daniels.

Reed Daniels owns a company that offers single and multi-day rafting, kayaking, and canoeing trips, chief competition to Base Camp Outfitters. Reed likes Carly, but he is not going to rush into anything. They both love the water and love God, but Carly feels like she isn't good enough for Reed. When Reed backs off, she feels like he really doesn't like her.

This is a great love story of making sure you've found the one God has picked for you. I loved this story and the great descriptions of the Canadian outdoors.

More Than Friends: The Macleans Book 2 by Autumn Macarthur

Catriona Maclean and Alistair Murray feel they aren't good enough for each other. Cat is compared to a nun, performing works of service. She has spent years being angry, resentful. Her brother has a disability and between the church and her brother, her parents didn't have time for her. She has spent her life doing the right thing, putting her needs behind everybody else's. She works with special needs kids and is planning a church trip to give their caregivers a break. Her helper can't go so she has to call Alistair Murray, the guy she's had feelings for. But he's playing a dating game, a different girl every weekend.

Alistair is totally out of his element with the kids, but he pitches in and does his part. Cat can't imagine where she'd be without his help. They make a good team. But with Cat's past, can they find a future? Her guilt and hurt dictate her actions. Can she let that go? She promised God she would make herself useful by being of service to others, to make up for her shortcomings. Can she learn that God loves her in spite of herself?

Love Flies in by Heidi McCakan

This was a fun, heartwarming romance set in Emerald Cove, Alaska. Tisha McDowell is a sea kayak guide. She receives a letter from her mama wanting her to come home since her dad is sick. However, the past keeps Tisha in Alaska.

Chase Binford is a pilot and runs into Tisha. They used to know each other in college when she would make fun of his faith. CAn Tish show him she has grown and matured? Or will he be gone before he finds out how much she has changed?

Tisha can't be with someone who refuses to forget the past, whether her mother or Chase. But if she forgave them for past mistakes and moved on? We do what we have to do for the ones we love. Forgiveness frees you to love. Grace helps us to see beyond the past. Can Heidi and Chase find a future together?

Testing the Waters Crescent Cove I by Lesley Ann McDaniel

Teresa Reynolds is staying in Crescent Cove Oregon for a while and meets Curt Mason. He has a beach house. He's got everything he could ever want: a job, close to the beach. He is there helping out his cousin. Teresa's ex-boyfriend always put her down and she's trying to get past that. But she wonders who would really like her plain looks. She pretends to be someone else when she meets Curt. Her accent, her story, draw the reader into her life and keep you turning the pages to see how it will turn out. Will Curt see past her attempts at pretending to be someone else? Lilly wants Curt to work on a contest entry about finding love at her Inn. Teresa and Curt go around town doing what tourists would do. Do they find love for themselves? You'll have to read this story to find out.

The Lifeguards, the Swim Team, and Frozen Custard by Carol Moncado

Southwest Missouri. Alivia is a swim team coach/lifeguard. CJ has moved here to take care of his sisters. As they work together, they learn more about each other. He thinks she has spoken to her boss about him and doesn't want things handed to him. Will they be able to work through their past to find their future?

Time and Tide by Lynette Sowell

Karyn Lewis has come home to Pine Breezes Campground. She lost her writing job in New York and has come to help out her aunt and uncle. This is where she spent her summers and where she now feels at home until she can land a new job. She left Chincoteague right after high school and a major accident. Brodie Reed is a name from her past. He is a handyman at the campground. When the secrets come out about the accident that killed Brodie's daughter's mother, can they find a future together or will the past keep them apart?

Karyn is offered another job in New York. Will she be content staying in Chincoteague or will her job separate her and Brodie?

Draw You Near by Jan Thompson

Abilene Dupree is an artist living in Savannah. Lars Cargill tracks her down to find out who a woman is in one of her paintings. As they get to know each other, Lars figures out who is in the painting. Abilene's friend does a background check on Lars and fills her in on who he really is. When Lars' past catches up to him, will Abilene still be in his future? Can Abilene tell Lars who she really is? When her ex-boyfriend shows up, will she choose the life she knew or the life she can have with Lars?

Orphaned Hearts by Marion Ueckermann

Once I started this story, I couldn't put it down. Set in Africa, Simon Hartley is raising his daughter alone after his wife dies. Abigail Chadwick is going to spend one year not being Lady Abigail and work at an orphanage in Africa before marrying. Can Simone finally put his wife to rest and fall in love again? Can Lady Abigail be happy in Africa away from the luxury she is used to?

I enjoyed reading each of these romance stories in this collection set in different locations.