Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Her Nerdy Cowboy by: Annette Irby

I absolutely loved this short story by Annette Irby! A cowboy who likes books and wears glasses? Not your usual cowboy. But what a fun story! Logan McDaniels leaves his life behind to help his sister Macy when her husband dies. Will this change his life?

Claire Langley is helping Macy with the kids. Logan seems like a nice, bookish kind of man. She'd like to get to know him better, but she has to leave to take care of her mother. Would Logan want a long distance relationship? Does he really like her?

There is a lot of story in this short, super sweet romance. Can't wait to read more by this author. I cried at the ending after being drawn in by the characters and the real life events. Logan wants to teach high school English. Claire wants to open a daycare and be near her parents. How can he and Claire get together if they aren't living in the same place?

Pick up this great book today. Such a great book!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Love Unexpected by Jody Hedlund

I loved this story by Jody Hedlund. She brings the past to life. Emma Chambers takes a position as wife to Patrick Garraty. He is the lightkeeper and has a young son. His wife has recently died and he prays for help.

Patrick thinks Emma is an answer to prayer. Emma thinks she's not good enough. Patrick has a past he tries to hide from Emma, but will it come between them and drive her away? Emma has always wanted a home and family of her own, however she feels inadequate in fulfilling her duties. Can they learn to love each other and survive their past that won't stay in the past?

Pick up this book today for a great story that draws you in from the first page. Patrick's son Josiah is a wonderful addition to this story. I look forward to reading more books by Jody Hedlund.

I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.

Hope Reborn by Caryl McAdoo

This is the third book in the series. You don't have to read the books in order to know what is going on, but I recommend reading them so you get the characters' back stories and they're great books as well! May Meriwether is a writer and she is going to interview Henry Buckmeyer for her next story, even if he does live in Texas. She is traveling from New York.

May has been through so much. Can she find the hope and peace she craves? She longs for true romantic love, but feels she has missed her chances. She comes to realize she's not perfect. Can Henry accept her the way she is?

Henry's daughter reads May's books and wants to meet her. She hasn't been this excited since her mother died. She also has four sisters and a brother. May asks her to help her rewrite her manuscript. Henry won't let her stay in town, so May has to stay at his home.

May is so happy to have someone help her. In the meantime, she gets to know Henry. Can they put their past behind them to find hope in their future? Henry has his faith in God, but May doesn't share his beliefs. Will that tear them apart before they even have a chance to find out what they have? Will the secrets from their past tear them apart?

Henry's children and the hog hunting scene draw you into the story. May poses questions about God, faith, salvation. May and Henry have secrets they are holding onto. Can they let go of their past to have a future together?

This is another great book by Caryl McAdoo. Can't wait to read more!

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Raspberry Kisses by Cecelia Dowdy

I loved this book by Cecelia Dowdy! It's a sweet Christian romance with lots of decadent bakery creations throughout the story. Rhea and Raven Simms are twin sisters. Rhea's husband died two years ago. He was a pastor and she has vowed to never fall in love with another minister.

Martin Lane is a minister asked to speak at a retreat. What is it about Rhea that draws him to her? She looks just like Raven, a lady that has been chasing him relentlessly to go out with him. Which sister will he choose?

Rhea's bakery can't compete with the new store that sells bakery items. She is losing money and can't pay her bills. Raven has been in an accident and needs Rhea's help. She wants Rhea to go to a Christian retreat in her place to spy on the pastor, not to switch places but to spend time with him to see if he is dating someone else. In exchange, Raven will give Rhea the money she needs for her rent and past bills.

But what happens when Raven starts to have feelings for Martin? Can she tell Raven the truth or will the truth keep her from giving her the promised money? Martin has offered to help Rhea with her bakery so it will turn a profit. Rhea's faith had dimmed after Stan's death. Can she rekindle her faith in God and love?

Martin wants the lead pastorship position at his church, but a new congregant has accusations about his past and his ability to lead. Will she be able to keep him from doing what he feels God has called him to do? He feels that if he is voted in it would be God's seal of approval.

Haunted by his past, trying to overcome it, can Martin learn that he's forgiven and rest in God's forgiveness and love? Can Rhea and Martin see their love for one another, or will Raven keep them apart? Can they overcome their obstacles and find the love God has for them?

Scriptures are interwoven throughout Raspberry Kisses for an encouraging faith-filled romance. I look forward to more books by Cecelia Dowdy.

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Christmas Cake by Joyce Swann

A few years have passed since Michelle interviewed Esther Cook in The Thanksgiving Gift. Michelle is making Esther's Christmas Cake. Esther was the first person to talk to Michelle about Jesus. I enjoyed this story of faith and hope during the Christmas season. Michelle's mother doesn't know Jesus and sees no need for salvation. She worked hard to turn Michelle's father away from being a Christian. We don't understand why God lets things happen the way they do. Sometimes we just have to trust God to know.

Michelle compares the cake to Jesus. The cake is plain; people overlook it for the flashier desserts. Jesus isn't flashy, but He is perfect and when someone experiences Jesus Christ, they can't get enough. In order to understand the satisfaction He brings, you must experience it for yourself. No one else can explain it to you or experience it for you. This story filled my heart with peace. As events unfold, Michelle's mother must decide where she will be spending eternity. Where will you be spending eternity?

The Christmas Cake is the second story in the Holiday Collection. You don't have to read these in order, but it helps to figure out characters and to understand the back story. I like that these stories contain the salvation message and offer peace, hope, love, and forgiveness. I am uplifted and encouraged as I read these stories. They don't take long to read, but are filled with inspiration and hope regardless of what you are going through.

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Whatever Is Done by Bridgett Henson

Cindy Maxwell is not looking for another husband. She is busy raising her son Trevor. But when Ray Simmons takes an interest in her son, can she block the feelings in her heart?

Trevor catches Ray Simmons' eye when he's fishing alone with Ray's friend James. Ray hadn't settled down yet, but Trevor's need for a father pulled at Ray's heartstrings, causing him to think maybe he was missing out. Cindy Maxwell's husband Cole died, and she was left to raise Trevor on her own, among the churchfolk who felt she should live a certain way so they wouldn't talk. When she meets Ray, she pushes him away. No way is she going to ruin her reputation by going out with him. But everywhere she turns Ray is there.

Can he really change and be the man she needs him to be to love her and help raise her son? When Ray finds Cole's Bible, he discovers the help he needs inside the pages. Can Cindy learn to let go of her past, to accept Ray? Can they both find the faith and hope to have a future together?

God's love is unlimited. Regardless of what you have done in the past, God can and will forgive you if you'll just believe in him. This story will pull you in with God's love and forgiveness. This book is the third in a series, but you don't need to read them in order. The other books give you the back story on some of the other characters, but you don't need to read them first to enjoy this book.

I look forward to reading other books by Bridgett Henson. The characters and true to life situations pulled me in and I didn't want the story to end.

I received a free book in exchange for an honest review.