Monday, July 20, 2009

Nell's Cowboy Book Review

Debbie Macomber- her name says it all. This book, Nell’s Cowboy, has it all. The town is called Promise. The two main characters have a past they would rather forget. There is a ghost town, an unsolved mystery, a forgotten chest in the attic and true love.
This is the 2nd book in a series. I would advise reading the books in order so you know what is going on. The first is Dr Texas and the 3rd book is Lone Star Baby. When you read the books in order you know who the characters are and can keep up with what is going on with them.
Is it better to get to know someone without knowing what they do for a living? Have you been afraid but don’t know why? Do you believe something but can’t remember what happened? That is what this story is about. Bitter end was a town that was in existence before Promise. The only problem is, no one knows why the town came to an end. Writer Travis Gant is going to find out. Nell Bishop is opening a dude ranch and Travis is her first customer. He is staying at Nell’s place to research the town. He is from the city and her family has been in Promise since the beginning. Come visit Promise and see how they confront their past, solve a mystery and best of all, see who they fall in love with!

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