Saturday, May 22, 2010

Called to Worship by Vernon Whaley

Called to Worship

Vernon M Whaley

As I read this book, Called to Worship, I felt a pull to worship more and learn all I could about worship. This book describes worship from Genesis to Revelation, and beyond to Eternity. Using stories about everyday people, events, and biblical heroes, Vernon Whaley articulates what worship is, and how we can more fully worship God as He would have us worship Him. This book is not about the routine of worship, but why we worship.
A quote from the book, “God expects us to reserve time for Him so that He can refresh us as we fellowship with Him”, really touched my heart. I stay so busy all the time, and forget I need to stop and rest just as God did on the 7th day. The book showed me how to rest more productively and to get all I could from worshipping God, from understanding why to giving worship to God. The last section of the book discusses worship in Eternity. I can’t wait to experience it!! Read this book so you can too.

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