Sunday, December 26, 2010

Angel Song by Sheila Walsh & Kathryn Cushman

Angel Song

Sheila Walsh &

Kahtryn Cushman

Angel Song will grip your heart from page one, and never let go. Anne experiences her sister’s death, and gets to know her sister Sarah’s neighbors as she is preparing her house to be sold. Between Ethan, Tammy, and Tammy’s son, Keith, who see angels, Anne discovers her faith in God.
Angel Song is an inspirational romance. You follow the story of Anne, who doesn’t realize her need for God. You feel Anne’s pain at her sister’s death. You see her love grow for Keith, who has Down syndrome. Ethan plays a big part in Anne’s rediscovering her faith. The characters’ development is believable, and has you rooting for them. The plot keeps you turning pages, waiting to see what happens. Anne asks, “If there is a God, why wouldn’t He take better care of the people who actually believe in Him?” This book answers this question for Anne. You will have to read the book to find the answer! You won’t be disappointed. You’ll be glad you did. This book will help you draw closer to God, and find your way. Read this book, and enjoy!

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