Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Chosen By: Alexandra and Joyce Swann

The Chosen, by Alexandra and Joyce Swann, is the sequel to The Planner. This is an eerie conclusion to what can happen when the government has complete control. The Electronic Communications Agency, ECA, is formed by the government and it redefines anti-American speech to be anything the administration deems it to be. What happens when a handful has complete control over everyone’s thoughts and actions? People are kidnapped and imprisoned as terrorists without trial and without proof. They can be held indefinitely or killed. Don’t agree with what the government is doing? You can be arrested. Kris and Kyle Mitchell must fight against this government that has taken complete control. They must fight for the God-given rights that were bestowed on this nation by our Creator. Fight for Freedom. Fight for the Constitution. Fight for the laws of our country. Many people are disappearing and being held or killed. Kris’ husband and brother in law are arrested and she has no idea where they are being held or what has happened to them. In order to fight back, Kris hires Julian Cicchetti to defend her case that this action by the government is unconstitutional. Will he be willing to go on record as being against the government and the Supreme Court who has upheld the government’s stance? Will the Supreme Court be willing to hear this case? They had previously sided with the government and closed down. Once the Supreme Court is out of the way, the Senate and the House of Representatives will be targeted next. Then the only branch of government will be the President and he will have ultimate control. Will anyone be willing to stand up for their rights and put a stop to this out of control government? If you won’t stand up for your rights, who will? Be ready to hold onto your seat as you read this suspenseful tale of a controlling government and the few who dare to stand up for what they believe in. The eerie part is what happens in this book could realistically happen. Will there be anyone strong enough who will stand up for their rights? The conclusion to this story is the best I’ve seen. Now that’s a great book! I can’t wait to read more books by Alexandra and Joyce Swann. If you like suspenseful tales that won’t turn you loose from page one, you will love this book!

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