Saturday, November 2, 2013

Eve of Awakening By: Alisa Hope Wagner

Alisa Wagner is a fresh, new voice in Christian dystopian futuristic fiction. Even after finishing the story, I can’t get Eve Pallue out of my head. She searches for truth, trying to figure out how who she is, struggling to find her true friends. Everything people today search for, Eve searches for, but in the future where there are no freedoms and everyone follows the same rules, trying to get ahead of everyone else by producing information plugged into their Life Production System (LPS). The more information they produce, the higher their standing. Eve sleeps in a sleeper at night to minimize the amount of sleep she needs and it malfunctions. She has an awakening that causes her to have flashbacks from when she was younger. Eve is an Elite Efficientist. Colonials are lower class. She is the top Efficientist as the daughter of Arthur Pallue, who had groomed her to take this position. If you love futuristic stories you will love this one. Descriptions make everything understandable and believable. I cannot wait to read more by this author. Who is Randall, Eve’s bodyguard? Is he who he seems? The woman Eve starts dreaming about, how does she figure into what is going on? How does God fit in the future? All time is spent producing information; there isn’t extra time for hobbies, religion, or other frivolously spent moments of time. Eve has developed Life Plethoricity, a new way of doing things; music is banned— it causes emotional stimuli, which consumes energy and inhibits efficiency. Eve of Awakening is a great, fun futuristic read. You’ll come to care for Eve and not want her story to end! Along the way, you’ll discover God’s truth and love are not far away.


  1. Thank you, Sally for this wonderful review! Your enthusiasm for the story and God's truth is so evident in your words! Just like you, I'm excited to see what happens next!

  2. It is an awesome book. I can't wait for the next one!!

    1. Hopefully soon! I can't wait either!