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First Kisses Inspy Kisses Collection 1

The Rambler’s Bride by Linda Goodnight
I loved this story by Linda Goodnight. Jericho North has preconceived notions about his sister-in-law Ester since she used to work at a saloon. When Jericho receives word that his brother has died, he travels to their ranch in the lawless prairie to kick her out, since Jericho was named in the will as the rightful owner now. She had tricked his brother into marrying her, was the cause of his death, and now she deserved whatever she got.
Ester married Silas and now he is dead. She is trying to keep the ranch going without her husband. But she was pretty much doing it all even before her husband died. Now Theo, who is married to her cousin, is trying to make her sell her ranch for the railroad that is coming through. This is all she has; she isn’t giving it up.
When Jericho and Ester meet, she throws herself into his arms for a heart-stopping kiss in front of Theo, in order to get Theo to leave. Jericho follows her plan, but he just thinks it proves his point. She is a loose woman; she just proved it. And since she is the reason for Silas’ death, he doesn’t care what happens to her after he kicks her out. But then he realizes he has a nephew. What is he supposed to do now? He can’t kick her out with a baby.
I loved the interaction between Ester and Jericho. Both have secrets they want to keep from each other, but can they build a future after the truth is told?

Lovebirds at the Heartbreak Café by Janet Tronstad
I cried when I finished this story! Have you ever read a romance, and when the story was over, you sighed because it was just perfect? That is this story!
Buddy Hamilton is a truck driver who stops in at the Heartbreak Café to eat. Penny Rose stops in looking for a job, with 6 children in her car. Buddy doesn’t want to get involved with someone who already has kids, but he can’t just leave her. She’s recently widowed and has all those kids to care for. The closer Buddy gets to Penny and her kids, the more he realizes he doesn’t want them out of his life, especially when he finds out from Ellie, one of the daughters, that Penny’s their aunt taking care of them.
The other truck drivers, local businesses, and ranchers pitch in to help Penny and her family. When they have church, one of the truck drivers leads the services. They introduce each other by the truck they drive or what they haul. Buddy talks the other drivers into helping Penny’s wheat farm produce wheat so she’ll have money to go back to school to find her prince. With Penny’s faith and love for God, Buddy realizes anyone can change with God’s help. But will she see Buddy as her prince? You’ll have to read the story to find out!

Her Mule Hollow Cowboy by Debra Clopton
I loved this sweet romance by Debra Clopton. Maddie had been an orphan, left at the post office as a baby, unwanted. Could she trust Cliff with her heart? She didn’t trust anyone. She didn’t want anyone telling her what to do.
Cliff was a bull rider. Could he give up his lifestyle and settle down with Maddie?
You’ll love this romance as Maddie and Cliff come to terms with their past and forge their future together.
Deadly Hunt by Margaret Daley
This is a great suspense story! Who is trying to kill Shane Burkhart and why would they want to? He runs Digital Drive Inc and is in the process of a company merger. Is there someone who doesn’t want to see that merger take place? Would they resort to murder to keep that from happening?
Tess Miller is a professional bodyguard. She is on vacation in the mountains at her uncle’s cabin when Shane falls through her doorway. He’s been shot, but has no idea who would want to kill him. Shane talks Tess into protecting him until the merger goes through by posing as the woman he’s dating. How can she pretend when it’s really what she wants? But how can she know that already? They just met. She’ll just have to get this job over with and go back to her normal life.
If you love a romantic suspense love story, you’ll love this one. See if you can guess who is behind the murder attempts! Shane and Tess are great characters, the plot is believable, and the ending is pure bliss!

Necessary Proof by Camy Tang
This is a great story filled with suspense and intrigue. Alex Villa is accused of a crime that he didn’t commit. As a confidential informant, he is used to being on the right side of the law. He steals a laptop from the bad guys, and in order to prove his innocence, he asks Jane Lawton to bypass security protocols on it to see what information is contained that can help his case. The bad guys show up at her place ready to attack. Alex and Jane start running and the action never stops.
Jane is a Christian out of habit. Things haven’t gone well for her over the past year; she feels alone, like God has abandoned her. She feels her distrust of men has spilled over into her relationship with God. Her faith has become lukewarm and she feels like no one, especially God, loves her. She has to learn that God’s love can heal her, that it’s real, nonjudgemental, and unfailing. With this kind of love in her life, she can rebuild her life.
Jane’s faith journey is a perfect element in this story. She agrees to help Alex, and in the process, discovers her strengths. Alex and Jane are great together, making a wonderful suspenseful love story!

Kissed by a Cowboy by Lacy Williams
Haley Carston wants to go to the prom, but no one will go with her. Her best friend, Katie Michaels sets her up with her older brother, Maddox. They get along well, but things don’t work out, Haley moves away, and Katie dies, leaving a little girl Olivia for Maddox to take care of. When Haley’s aunt gets sick, Haley comes back to take care of her and runs into Maddox again.
Maddox has always been under the strain of everyone else’s expectations. He was the star football player. But he comes back home without a degree, trying to keep the family farm afloat, raise his niece, and watch over his brother Justin who suffers from depression.
Haley has always wanted to fit in. When she finds out she can help Olivia start an ice cream business, it doesn’t matter that she’s just a little girl. She’s going to do it while she’s in town taking care of her sick aunt.
Olivia is such a sweet girl. Haley and Maddox work together, even though they have unresolved feelings about each other from their past. She helps Maddox and Olivia with their pain from Katie’s dying. She even brings about a change in Justin.
Haley feelings of inadequacy keep her from telling Maddox how she feels. Maddox is under too much pressure, feeling like he can’t dream any more, taking care of everyone else. This is a great story of love overcoming all. It’s a great ending to a great collection of romances!

I received this collection free in exchange for an honest review.

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