Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Soldier’s Promise By: Laura Scott

I loved this romance! Julie and Derek must learn to let go of their past and trust God to help them make the right decisions. Can they open their hearts and trust each other?

Julie Crain is a nurse at Hope County Hospital in Crystal Lake. She was engaged and then found out he was having an affair. She wants the truth and can’t handle someone lying to her. When she finds out Derek hasn’t told her the whole truth, will she give him the benefit of the doubt, or will she close her heart to love?

Derek Ryerson and his daughter Lexi have been in an accident and are brought to the hospital. His past has drawn him away from God. He is a soldier, found out his wife had been diagnosed with cancer, but he gets home a month after she dies. His in-laws have determined he isn’t capable of taking care of his daughter so they are going to take custody. He is on the run with his daughter when he gets in the accident.

Julie takes Derek and Lexi in. Can he trust Julie with the truth or will she turn him in, causing him to lose his daughter to his in-laws? Julie feels she must protect her heart, but she is drawn to Lexi and Derek.

Derek feels like God has turned his back on him. Can Julie help him see that Derek gave up on Him? Derek’s in-laws put out a warrant for his arrest. With Julie’s help, can he go back and face them and fight for his daughter?

Pick up this great book today!

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