Friday, November 7, 2014

Christmas, Actually by Anna J Stewart, Anna Adams, and Melinda Curtis

Christmas, Actually is three novellas. The themes in all these stories is about being hurt, what secrets they are holding so no one will find out. The Banning siblings Callie, Jack, and Nick each get their own stories. These are three great stories and you will love each one!

The Christmas Wish by Anna J Stewart
Sometimes we as adults need help with our kids, just need to know there is another adult who understands, or who will stand with us, even if the other person is a teacher who has seen it all. Callie Benning lives in Christmas Town. Dean Galloway is just passing through with his seven year old daughter. What happens when a seven year old doesn’t like Christmas and she is staying in a place called Christmas Town at Christmas? She tries sabotaging everything to do with Christmas not realizing she is hurting others. Can Callie help heal her heart and in the meantime help Dean? This is a great story. I loved the seven year old daughter. Sometimes you don't have to be very old to be hurt and not understand why things are the way they are.

The Christmas Gift by Anna Adams
Sophie Palmer is pregnant but the father of her baby, Jack Benning, doesn’t want anything to do with her. He will take care of the baby financially but will have nothing to do with them. Why is he adamant to break all ties? Why is he now a stranger after everything they have shared? You will enjoy Sophie and Jack's story!

The Christmas Date by Melinda Curtis
Gina Vernay owns The Tea Pot. She has given up on Christmas, dating, and love, but decides to step outside her comfort zone to sign up for online dating. Nick Banning sees her computer screen one day and decides to sign up too. He's secretly liked Gina but didn't know how to ask her out. They've both been hurt by others and the things people say to each other. Can they learn to trust each other! Great story!


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