Saturday, January 16, 2016

Duty with Honor Book One Leap of Faith by Jordan Bollinger

Leap of Faith is book one in the Duty with Honor series by Jordan Bollinger. I have read the entire series and once you start book one, you'll want to read each book and savor each story.

Beth Bennett has been traumatized, suffered through the break up with her husband, and cared for her dying sister-in-law. She is not looking for love, more like running away from it. She is determined to be in control, until her brother sets her up on a date.

Andrew Oliver has had his eye on Beth for a long time. Now's his chance to meet her. Will she

Beth's father was with MI6 for years. Her whole family has ties to fighting for their country and keeping her people safe. Will she follow in their footsteps? Or run from it and Andrew?

Are you looking for an entertaining read, great characters, a little espionage, romance, and lots of suspense? Pick up this great book today and start this great series. You won't be sorry! Each book just gets better and better!

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