Monday, June 13, 2016

A Twist of Faith by Pepper Basham

Despite the fact that Doctor Adelina Roseland doesn't like dogs and is from the city, Reese Mitchell's degree is from Virginia Tech and hers is from UVA, and that she is bound and determined to stay away from rural Appalachia, when she takes a wager to reduce Reese's Appalachianism in ten weeks to prepare him for a job interview in Chicago, will the end result be she gets the dream of her life, or will she realize dreams change? Can Reese convince Adelina her notions of Appalachia are misguided?

Adelina Roseland has her first job after acquiring her PhD, in rural Appalachia, a place she said she'd never return to. She accepts a wager from her supervisor, but will winning cause her to lose her heart? What about her dream of living in the city? Reese is having a hard time not falling for her, but he's too busy with his kids, the farm, and his brother's illness. When Adelina offers to help him with his upcoming interview, he decides he needs this job to provide income for his family. And talking better, looking better, can only help his chances of getting this job he so desperately needs.

The sparks fly when these two try working together. Humor, love, forgiveness, and realizing God's grace makes this a story I'll read over and over. Will Reese move to the big city? Can Adelina move to the country and they both get their dream come true? Or will they turn their backs on love to pursue what they've spent years striving for? A Twist of Faith is a story of letting God lead you and finding what He has in store for you. Reese and Adelina find out it may not look anything like they thought it would.

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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