Thursday, September 15, 2016

Feta and Freeways by Susan Baganz

Nikolos Acton is lead singer for Specific Gravity. Tia Bartel is the band manager.

Tia tries to catch Nikolos’ attention, but he doesn’t see her, until she stops a man from attacking Niko. She is beaten, strangled, and shot.
As she’s recuperating, Niko discovers Tia’s feelings for him. As he’s taking care of her he falls in love with her. But can Tia trust him? Women flock to him at the concerts. She’s liked him for a long time. Why is he just now noticing her? Is he feeling guilty and mistaking that for love? How can she trust him with her heart after what she’s gone through?

This story is so sweet, filled with Niko and Tia learning about each other, traveling on the road with the band, and forging a relationship with God and each other.

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