Monday, December 5, 2016

Know Tiny Secrets by Latasha Fleming

The organization, Know Tiny Secrets LLC is based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Its goal is to get this book into as many children’s hands as possible to help children learn to speak up against sexual abuse. This book is written by a survivor of sexual abuse for young children to teach them about sexual abuse and to empower them.

This book helps children learn how to keep safe and how to talk about sexual abuse. It is geared toward young children, with pictures, simple words, and a powerful message.

Is there a young child in your life? Get them this book and teach them to be open about sexual abuse and stop it in its tracks. All children are special and unique. They need to know they can say no, and they need to know who they can trust if they need to talk to someone.

What are some signs that you are being inappropriately touched? That is talked about in this book in a way young children can understand. Let’s keep our kids safe and teach them how to be in control of their bodies. Teach them who they can trust, who they can talk to.

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