Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Save the Date by Jenny B Jones

Save the Date
By: Jenny B Jones

I was given this book, Save the Date, by Booksneeze in exchange for a book review. I could not put this book down. Jenny B Jones uses wit, humor, sass, and exceptional dialogue to weave a wonderful tale of romance. Lucy runs a home called Saving Grace—which houses kids who have been in the foster care system. They are turned loose at 18, and she provides a place for them to stay and learn skills to be successful in the working world. Alex is an ex football player, heir to the family fortune. She is in need of money to keep her home open; Alex is in need of her assistance to win votes for his bid for Congress. They team up, and what a team they make! She is from a poor background; he used to make fun of her in school. He grew up having it all.
I could not put this book down. All the bantering back and forth between these two was phenomenal. I couldn’t wait to see what they would argue about next, or what they would get into. They explored faith, love, and family relationships. Plot and character development move the story along. I hated to see the story end. Even after the story is over, I found myself smiling about something I had read. Case in point, when Lucy is “running away” and has on a robe and snow boots, while walking down the street and Alex is trying to get her in the car. I can still see her moving on down the street. Jenny B Jones uses lots of descriptions so you can see what she is seeing while she writes the story. I highly recommend this book, and I will be checking into others of hers!

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