Sunday, May 27, 2012

An Angel for Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad

This is the first book in the Dry Creek series by Janet Tronstad. I have read these books before, but I am reading them again and posting reviews in anticipation of her two new books coming out this year. Lilac Wedding in Dry Creek came out in March 2012 and Wildflower Bride in Dry Creek comes out in July of this year. An Angel for Dry Creek is a great book to start off the series. You really get to know the characters that will be reappearing in future novels. Janet Tronstad has a way of describing characters and letting you in their heads so you feel a connection with them that makes you want to finish the book to see what happens. The setting in Dry Creek is perfect. I want to move there! The author is from Montana and even though Dry Creek is a fictitious place, its description is drawn from other places in Montana to give it a real place feel. Glory Beckett is a girl on the run. When she is too tired to continue on and needs gas and food, she ends up in Dry Creek. She goes to the parsonage to get help when she stumbles onto Matthew Curtis who has stumbled down the steps and hurt himself. His twin boys were getting ready to go out and get help when she came to the door. They immediately think she is an angel. The whole town takes her under their wings. Matthew needs someone to help care for his boys while he’s recuperating, and since he can’t go up and down stairs, it is decided Glory will stay in his room. Matthew’s wife had died from cancer and he feels it was his fault for not keeping her safe. He blames God for taking her away and not answering his prayer. He used to be a minister but stopped when she died. He teaches his boys to pray and talk to God, but he doesn’t participate anymore. Can Glory trust Matthew and the people in the town? Will they turn her in once they find out what is going on? How will Glory help Matthew to see that God didn’t desert him when his wife died? Find out how Glory lives up to her name, Angel, and even becomes one in the Christmas pageant. We all have times when we wonder if God is really there looking out for us, or if it is just us alone. Follow Matthew’s journey as he realizes God is there and does care and loves each of us so much. I highly recommend this book An Angel for Dry Creek. It brings out everyday problems that we face and can relate to mingled in with humor and faith building experiences. You will not want to miss this book by Janet Tronstad.

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