Monday, May 28, 2012

A Gentleman for Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad

This is the second book in the Dry Creek series. You do not need to read these in order to figure out what is going on or who is who, but I thought it would be fun to review them in order. At the end of An Angel for Dry Creek, we meet Garth Elkton and Sylvia Bannister. She comes to Dry Creek and ends up in a ditch. Garth rescues her. At the end, she goes back to Seattle. A Gentleman for Dry Creek picks up Garth’s and Sylvia’s stories. Sylvia works with troubled teens in her church-sponsored youth center. A sponsor, Mrs. Buckwalter, steps forward to provide a summer camp for the teens to get them out of the city and teach them manners. Garth has a ranch that they can use. Mrs. Buckwalter, Sylvia, and the teens move to Garth’s ranch for the summer. Garth has doubts and fears that he needs to turn over to God. Can he learn to do that? He was brought up that anything he received had to be earned. He believes salvation works the same way. Since he’d learned early in life that nothing came free, mercy couldn’t be free either. Garth says that he doubts God would even want to look on his own scars, let alone heal them. He is told it was no good patching up his own life. Only God could do it. Little does he know, that is exactly what God wants to do, if Garth would just give Him a chance! How many times do we try to do God’s work for Him? Sylvia is dealing with her own trust issues. In a previous relationship, she had been beaten. Can Garth find a way into her heart and teach her to trust again? Can Sylvia help Garth find the way to salvation and peace? Will the teens learn there is more than gangs and violence? Follow their stories and be encouraged in your own walk. Janet Tronstad uses suspense, humor, and truthfulness to bring about this story. From page one you will be drawn into these characters’ lives and you won’t be able to put the book down until everything is resolved. Happy reading!

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