Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Getting It Together by Kayse Pratt

I just read Getting It Together and had to post a review. Kayse Pratt does an excellent job of explaining how to get all your important information in one place, in a Home Management System notebook that you create yourself, and makes it fun to do so. Do you have at your fingertips your children's medical records, the phone number to the local pizza place, your financial goals for this year, and when Aunt Martha's birthday is? Now you do! Pratt puts everything in a logical order with her examples for making the notebook something you want to do and keep up with and even has free printables to get you started. In your Home Management System notebook, you can use her printables the way they are, or use hers as an example and create your own. Right away I printed the spending tracker, the perpetual calendar for birthdays, anniversaries, auto maintenance log, and the account tracker. Now, instead of rewriting things from one calendar to the next year's calendar, it is all in one place and doesn't have to be rewritten each year! You will be glad you read this and you will want to get it all together! Great job, Kayse Pratt! I would enjoy reading other books by this author. She has awesome ideas that are very helpful and a straightforward, humorous manner to get you interested and keep you reading!

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