Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Perfect Lies By: Jennifer Crow

Do you feel like your life is overwhelming? Are you often tired, sick, or feel like nothing gets accomplished? Then you need to read this book recounting Jennifer Crow’s account of her life and how she dealt with an overwhelming life due to believing perfect lies that were crippling her existence. In this book, she identifies nine common lies that are recognized as destructive by mental health professionals and the Bible—lies that virtually every human being in the world is tempted to believe. When we believe these lies, instead of the truth, it impacts how we view life and our own lives and health. These lies stand between you and a healthy, joy-filled life. Crow states that God loves us still, even though we are so weak with temptation that we have given the devil power in our lives. As she began to realize that she didn’t have to be the perfect wife, mother, or daughter, living up to others’ standards for her or her unrealistic standards for herself, she could accept that she was lovable just the way she was. Jennifer Crow uses meditations and scriptures to impart the knowledge that she discovered to get her life back. She has also included a discussion guide. To get your life back on track, read this book and see how to defeat these lies in your own life.

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