Sunday, May 26, 2013

Swept Away By Mary Connealy

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for a review. What do you do when the family you are in beats you? See what happens when a group of friends band together to seek justice in the Old West. Ruthy MacNeil’s parents died and Ma and Pa Reinhardt take her in to do all their chores and marry their son Virgil. They are headed west in a wagon train when they try to cross a river and are swept away. Only Ruthy survives. Luke Stone’s father was killed and Flint Greer has taken over his ranch while he was gone. Now that Luke is back, he is after justice and getting his ranch back. But how can he do that with all the gunfighters Greer has hired watching who comes and goes? Luke’s friends Jonas Cahill the parson, Vince Yates the lawyer, Dare Rikerthe doctor, and Big John are willing to help Luke, but will the whole town be destroyed in the process? And what should Luke do with Ruthy now that he has saved her from the Reinhardts and the river? She’s the workingest woman he’s ever seen, but is she the woman for Luke? Greer took over Mr. Stone’s ranch and then decided to find a wife. He marries Glynna but soon starts beating her and scaring her kids. How can Glynna escape with her life and keep her kids safe? Dare has been called to the ranch twice to tend to Glynna’s injuries. He finally realizes she isn’t clumsy but is being beaten. Can he help her and the kids escape as he helps Luke get his ranch back? If you enjoy a great Christian romance set in the old West this is the story for you! I can’t wait to read the rest of the stories in this series. Mary Connealy blends humor, faith, romance, and friendship into this series. By the time you finish this first book, you will have found new friends!

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