Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Falling For the Farmer By: Narelle Atkins

Jack Bradley helps Kate Lawson escape from the church, while her wedding is in progress, leaving everyone to stare and wonder where she’s running off to. Kate realized, almost too late, that she didn’t love her fiancé Rodney. So she left him standing at the alter. Jack drives the getaway car and was in a perfect position to help her escape. But, where will she go? What will her mother and father say? How can she tell Rodney he’s not the man for her? Sometimes it’s hard to trust people. Jack figures this out when Kate comes to work for him at his orchards. How could any man trust a woman that would leave her man standing there at the church? She shouldn’t have waited until the last minute to change her mind. But did she have a reason for doing it? Or was she being selfish and only thinking about herself? I loved Falling For the Farmer! Jack and Kate are wonderful, well-developed characters that I hated saying goodbye to on the last page. Kate decides she needs to face her responsibilities and stand on her own. Where does that leave Jack? If she stands on her own will she need him in her life? She’s a city girl; can she survive leaving the city behind and spending her life in the country instead of in a mall shopping? Pick up this book by Narelle Atkins and enjoy this sweet country romance!

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