Monday, January 27, 2014

Worth the Wait By: Laura Jackson

I loved this book by Laura Jackson. Ellie and Dylan grew up together and their whole life had been planned by their parents from birth. He was the perfect boy, she the perfect girl. But what happens when they grow up and they realize they aren’t living their own life? Can Ellie be content just being Dylan’s wife? What about her hopes and dreams? Laura Jackson does an excellent job of weaving real life and fiction together into a great story. Ellie can’t decide if something is going on with Dylan or not. Is he keeping something from her? Should she stay with him anyway since she’s spent the last several years with him? Her friends at the Christian school she attends are like kids at any school. Some of the kids say things to try and break Dylan and Ellie up. She can’t figure out who to believe. Dylan is trying to rush things between them, but Ellie wants to wait until they are married. Should she give in since they are going to get married one day anyway? This is their senior year of high school. It’s supposed to be fun and carefree. But then Ellie’s mom gets sick and Dylan starts acting funny. When will things get back to normal? I love Ellie’s dad. He tells Ellie to wait for the guy who treats her like a princess, one who puts her first. She has a friend who is just like her dad, loves Jesus, but he doesn’t like her and even left her standing on the stage when they performed Romeo and Juliet. Or, does he like her? How can she know? I can’t wait to read more by this author. These characters are real and you get pulled into their lives and problems because they are true to real life. Every girl needs to know she is special and she is worth waiting for! I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.

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