Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Your Family Tree What’s In Your Roots? By: David L. Cole

I loved this book by David L Cole. It isn’t too long, but long enough to touch on history pertaining to the early populations, what sources should you research, to what to do when you are finished. The author uses a lot of exclamation points, but it’s to impart his enthusiasm for genealogy.

I have spent the past several years trying to research my ancestors and loved reading this book. David L Cole wrote this book from his experience 25 years’ experience researching his ancestors. What he’s learned along the way he imparts in this book. His explanation of surnames and coats of arms is direct and he gives many free sites to get started on your genealogical search, as well as tips to get your tree started. Once you get further along in your research, he also talks about paid sites that may be more helpful once you know more information. Do you want to know why some ancestors left their home country or why they had to relocate? Cole explains some of the scenarios surrounding these early ancestors depending on where they originated from.

The format of this book is very good. It is very easy to read, with just a couple of grammatical errors. I loved the cover of this book with the trees and the undergrowth. I couldn’t wait to read this book and see what knowledge the author had and how it related to my search. I wasn’t disappointed and actually got a few more leads to try in searching for my own ancestors.

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