Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Captured by Love By: Jody Hedlund

Michigan Territory, 1814, Michilimackinac Island. I enjoyed Captured by Love because it portrays this island’s history. What do you do when you are in between the British, the Americans and there is a war going on? Angelique MacKenzie and Pierre Durant must forge a way to survive, but can they keep from falling in love? Angelique is promised in marriage by her guardian Ebenezer Whiley to Pierre’s brother Jean. But since Jean is away will she accept Pierre’s offer of marriage to ensure she doesn’t starve the following winter?

Angelique grew up with Pierre and Jean. She has learned how to evade her guardian’s clutches. She fishes for food, saves her food, and takes it to Pierre’s and Jean’s mother. She is blind and can’t fend for herself. Jean had to leave the island because of his support of the Americans since the British control the island. Pierre left to become a fur trader. Now that Pierre is back, he wants to marry Angelique. Can she marry him and forget she is promised to Jean? Will she be able to leave her beloved island to be with Pierre?

Pierre must learn that just as his mother’s love is unconditional, so is God’s love. He just has to learn to trust Him. Whenever he’s ready, God will be waiting with open arms, as He does for anyone ready to turn to Him. Pierre must also come to terms with his past. He was mad at his father and said things in anger. Can Pierre learn to lean on God and trust Him to help him out of his predicament?

Pick up this book today for a great read! Jody Hedlund creates great characters, with settings and historical facts woven intricately into fiction to draw the reader into the story while showing how the characters draw closer to God and encouraging the reader to do the same.

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