Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Stuck Together by Mary Connealy

I love these western romances by Mary Connealy. She blends western fiction and romantic comedy into inspirational romance. Stuck Together is the third book in the Trouble in Texas series. You do not need to read them in order to know what is going on and who is who. If you’ve read the others, you already know the characters and what they’ve been through, and you are not pulled out of the story as they are introduced or their past talked about.

Tina Cahill is Jonas’ sister. She is on a rampage to obliterate devil’s rum from her town. She establishes a picket line and is not afraid to tell everyone they should not enter the saloon. Her past plays a big part in her future. Her parents died and she went to live with her aunt. She never felt like she fit in and was unwanted. As soon as she could she tracked down her brother Jonas and lives with him. She feels like her place with him is precarious and she will be asked to leave. She thinks she will always be alone and no one will love her for who she is. She must learn that God loves her no matter what. Tina works hard, has a servant’s heart for serving and helping others in their time of need. That draws her to Vince, but can he let go of his own past to have a future with her?

Vince Yates grew up without his parents’ love. His father was very controlling and stern. His mother would come to visit him as he was growing up; he was not allowed to touch her or show emotion. When he came back home after the war, she didn’t remember she had a son and was afraid of Vince. He has to learn to trust God to take care of him. He’s used to being on guard, watching over everyone else. He let fear control him; fear of becoming like his parents, scaring his wife and kids or not remembering who they are, keeps him from thinking about marrying anyone. Vince has to learn to forge own path to his own future.

Mother Yates has issues with her memory, doesn’t remember she has a son, calls him by his father’s name, but she is such a sweet lady. I liked how this sickness was dealt with in this story. There was no cure, but the whole town pitched in and helped when they needed it.

For a great inspirational western romance, pick up this great book by Mary Connealy!

I received this book free from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.

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