Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Widower’s Second Chance By: Jessica Keller

This is book one in the Goose Harbor, Michigan, series. From the time Caleb Beck meets Paige Windom, he is fascinated with her. First of all, because she is burning her wedding dress, in the basement of the West Oaks Inn Bed-and-Breakfast, and then because she is unlike any woman he has ever met before. Can he let go of his fear to embrace a future with Paige; or will he let past events control him?

Paige is done with men controlling what she does and how she does it. She moves to Goose Harbor, Michigan, to start over. With a new teaching job, and volunteering at Sarah’s Home with the inner-city mentoring program, Paige has all she needs.

Caleb teaches science at the school where Paige now works. His wife Sarah died in an attack outside the home she founded for inner-city kids. When Paige shows up wanting to volunteer there, Caleb tells her she can’t. Why won’t she listen to reason? He knows it’s dangerous.

Caleb is broken by his past. He can’t forgive himself for the things that happened to people around him. He feels he should have protected them. Can Paige help him see he was not to blame? Can Caleb see that his trust needs to be in God? Will Paige learn the difference between control and caring? When you are broken and feel like all is lost, God is there always offering another chance. Even when you make mistakes, God is right there full of love with arms open wide.

The secondary characters were well thought out and brought additional life to the story. I would love to read more about the inner city kids and Amy, see how they are doing. Jessica Keller does a great job of bringing these characters and this town to life. Can’t wait to read more!

God is all about second chances. Caleb thought after his wife died, he would have to run around protecting everyone. Will he see that by doing that he is keeping them from growing? Paige is afraid of letting others control her because of her past experiences. Can she learn to trust Caleb so they can have a future together? Pick up this great book today about God’s love and how ever many second chances are needed to get it right, and enjoy Caleb and Paige’s story!

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