Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Theodora’s Children A Tale of Hope By: Rick Nau

I thoroughly enjoyed this story by Rick Nau! Theodora’s Children is a story about loss and forgiveness, filled with adventure, mystery, and lots of hope. Jesse is the grandfather and he is telling a tale to his great grandchildren Daph and Josh. Weaved into the adventurous tale is the hope of redemption and forgiveness.

Jesse tells the tale of a girl named Gretchen with a pony named Petey. All she wanted was a brother. Her parents can give her everything, except for a brother. She was very lonely. Her parents’ estate was about the size of a small country; the house like a palace with gardeners, servants, tutors, butlers, maids, and grooms. From the time she was five she requested a brother. She would tear into presents hoping this one request had been fulfilled, but to no avail. Right after her eleventh birthday, a surprise visitor comes to her window. Who has rescued her? Is it her imagined brother that she has named Tom?

On Gretchen’s adventures to learn who has recued her she follows clues on her pony to find where they have gone. She searches everywhere on her family’s estate, even through the deep, dark woods. When she finds who rescued her she ends up in another mystery to find out who should have received the letter, the gold coins, and the property. When she is called before the king to find out what happened, she learns about an invisible Father who cares about his children and who doesn’t want to see them suffer.

Theodora’s Children would be an excellent story for readers who like adventures, mysteries, and learning about God’s love in a way even a child can understand it. A king, lords and ladies, and a castle are part of the mystery as to find who the rightful people are. Pick up this story today for a great tale of redemption, love, hope, and faith. I look forward to reading other tales of hope from this author.

I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.

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