Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Searching For Home Spies of Chicago Book 1 By: Jessica Keller

Two generations; both searching. Solving her ancestor’s past, pushes Whitney Dean to reevaluate her future. Searching for Home tells two stories: Whitney’s from present day and Ellen’s from 1886. If you love history, genealogy, mystery, and a warm romance, you will love this book!

Owen Taylor, Whitney’s fiancĂ©, is running for mayor. According to him, her past legacy causes voters to doubt his judgment. She must solve her great-great-grandfather’s shenanigans before it ruins Owen’s chance at an office or her future with Owen. He has put their relationship on hold until she straightens it out.

More than a hundred years earlier, Lewis Ingram was called a fraud, a riot inciter, and a cop killer. How can Whitney find out the truth about her ancestor? Nate Holland volunteers at the Chicago Historical Foundation. He helps Whitney search for the truth about her ancestor. What happened to Lewis that his past is still in the news now?

By reading letters from Ellen, Lewis’ sister, Nate and Whitney are able to piece together what was going on in Chicago in 1886. As Ellen learns about her brother’s escapades, she tries to find out what is going on. James, Ellen and Lewis’ friend, tries to keep her safe, even distancing himself from her in the hopes she won’t be targeted. Is Lewis involved in the revolt of the laborers? He states that violence is the only remedy for an intolerable society.

Can you do wrong and it be considered the right thing to do? Join Whitney and Ellen’s journey as they discover the truth in this intricately woven story of love, trust, and faith. What might you find if you look beyond the stable, decent, and secure? Find out in Searching for Home. You may be rethinking your future based on what Whitney and Ellen find out! I look forward to more books by Jessica Keller!

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