Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Thanksgiving Gift By: Joyce Swann

I loved this short story by Joyce Swann. The Thanksgiving Gift is filled with hope, faith, and love, inspired by a true story from the author’s family. These characters will grip your heart and pull you into their story.

Michelle Madison is a reporter in Pittsburg, Kansas. She is going to interview Gracerville’s resident, Esther Cook, who is celebrating her 100th birthday. Everything should go according to plan: get in, do the interview, leave. But what Michelle learns during the interview, will change her life.

Esther tells Michelle about her life after she married Floyd. When everything seemed to be going wrong, she turned it over to God, and found peace beyond anything she’d ever experienced before. When she opened her heart to a little girl, Esther found that faith like a child is contagious. Children don’t see things as too hard for God. In their eyes, all things are under God’s control.

Esther enjoys telling everyone she meets about Jesus. She wants everyone to know about God’s love. You can’t change, repent, or work on things on your own. You have to let Jesus work in you. Michelle thinks she can be a secret disciple of Jesus. Esther tells her that either your secrecy kills your faith or your faith kills your secrecy.

Will you allow Esther’s story to impact your life as Michelle did? Testimonies are everything. What is yours? Pick up this great story today and let Esther’s story speak to your heart.

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