Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Love In Mistletoe Springs Collection of Stories

A Cockatoo for Two by Lee Carver

Second Chance Animal Shelter finds homes for strays and surrendered animals of Mistletoe Springs. They need to acquire funds in order to stay open. Each of these stories connect to putting together the fundraiser.

Nikki Waldrup is a teacher whose son suffers from asthma. The faculty are rallying together to save the Second Chance Animal Shelter, but she is more concerned with her son who is allergic to cats and dogs. Caleb Chase is the principal in charge of activities to help raise money for the shelter. When Nikki's mother adopts a cockatoo for Nikki's son Nate, she asks Caleb to help her with the cockatoo. Can a cockatoo bring two people together? Will they have a future together? This is a very sweet romance. I loved the story line, which kept me turning the pages to see what would happen next.

Brewed With Love by Kimberly Rose Johnson

I loved this romance! Bryan Grant knew Amber Cooke when they were teens volunteering at Second Chance Animal Shelter. Now that Amber has taken over the Main Street Java, Bryan is trying to find a place for his band to practice. Amber doesn't like music or firefighters, and Bryan is both. Will Amber's fear keep her apart from Bryan?

Stray Gifts by Lee Tobin McLain

Dani Cooper has been twice-divorced and has four kids. She is too trusting, so she's going to change. Shane MacQuaid is a war veteran running from his wealthy family ties. He's a handyman who wants to stay in town and fix things, Dani's heart included. Can she open her heart one more time for love? This was a very sweet romance. "Stray gifts from God, to be valued, and treasured, and shared." Perfect ending.

Mistletoe Madness by Gail Sattler

Kayla Kowalchuck is organizing getting the animals noticed by prospective adopters for the fundraiser. She isn't sure how to get videos uploaded or use social media to get the word out about the event, so her brother's friend Drew Matthews helps her. Kayla has grown up with her brother and Drew teasing her and making fun. Why is her heart now telling her he's different? Can Drew prove to her he's changed?

Mr. Christmas and Miss Scrooge by Ginger Solomon

Mitch Silverton works at Holberg's Hardware. The owners have left their daughter Margaret Holberg in charge while they travel abroad. Can Mitch convince her he is more than her employee? Mitch is supposed to take care of decorations for the Christmas in July fundraiser. Margaret won't let him borrow decorations. How can he convince her to give him her heart?

This is a great collection of stories from talented authors. Spinning stories around a fundraiser orchestrated to save the local animal shelter made for fun stories of romance, love, pets, and overcoming obstacles. Pick up this great book today!

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