Saturday, July 18, 2015

Island Dreams by Kimberly Rose Johnson

This is the second book in the Wildflower B&B romance series. Piper Hunt has come to Wildflower Island to develop her family's land. Chase Grayson owns the property next to hers. He does not want the high scale resort she plans on building built on the island and will convince the town council to agree with him, if Piper can't change his mind. And if she can't change his mind, her dad may just fire her from Hunt Enterprises. She's got this one chance to prove she can do it, regardless of her past mistakes.

Piper needs to build this resort. If she doesn't, she may not have a future in her dad's company. But will the resort be good for the island? She's got a past she trying not to repeat, but if she's can't convince Chase how can she convince anyone else?

Chase is intent on making Piper leave. He can't take a chance with his heart if that person his heart wants is going to destroy his island. His ex-girlfriend left him when she realized how remotely he lived. Piper likes the big city and is determined to bring the big city to his doorstep. Can he convince her his island doesn't need the big city?

Will Chase support Piper's project? Will he find out the real reason for her development persistence? And in the midst of all this, Nick and Zoe are getting ready for their wedding. Will Zoe back out, or is she ready to take the next step? Pick up this great book for a wonderfully sweet romance by a great author!

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