Thursday, February 25, 2016

Touches of Time by LoRee Peery

This is another great story by LoRee Peery. A cold case, a search for God, and a new life soon to be born. From an old journal to tracking down leads, Touches of Time follows the journey of a 35-year-old unsolved case.

Ford Melcher is a cold-case investigator. The case he is working on may coincide with the truth Sarah is searching for. Can he help bring resolution to her soul as well as to her family? Will his feelings for Sarah end when he solves the case, or do his feelings go deeper than that?

Sarah Bishop is a mother-to-be searching for God and who killed her grandfather. While investigating the cold facts surrounding her grandfather’s murder 35 years ago, she just might unleash her doubts regarding a God who loves and cares for her, and bring old feelings to the surface putting her life in danger.

Can Ford keep Sarah safe while he investigates? Once Sarah realizes Ford held back important information, will she allow him to remain in her life with her unborn child? Will she find God's place in her life?

I enjoyed reading the journal entries and following the cold-case investigation from beginning to end. If you love a romantic suspenseful story, you will love Touches of Time. Walk through time with Sarah and Ford and see if you can figure out who killed her grandfather.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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