Monday, April 11, 2016

The Borrowed Boyfriend by Ginny Baird

The Borrowed Boyfriend is a fun romantic comedy about a woman who needs a boyfriend to keep her friends from setting her up during their one week get-away vacation.

Allison Murphy is spending a week at the beach with her friends, but she needs a boyfriend for the week. She owns her own company -Bella Fortuna Wine Designs- which supplies wine labels of upscale art to wine companies for their bottles. She agrees to her roommate's idea of borrowing her boyfriend to keep her friends from setting up blind dates, even though she doesn't approve of his job.

Grady O'Brien is dating Allison's roommate. He is a wine industry entrepreneur and agrees to pretend to be Allison's boyfriend for the week. His wine company buys out struggling companies and then helps them succeed. He wants Allison's company to help him go global with his wine takeovers, but how can he convince her it's a good thing when her past has proven to her takeovers are not in the best interest of the company?

This sweet romantic comedy is a must read. Allison must guard her heart as she tricks her friends into thinking she and Grady are a couple when they really aren't. When she discovers the real Grady isn't who her roommate portrayed him to be, can she keep her heart intact while playing this charade? The conflict between Grady's company takeovers, Allison's past experiences, and them getting to know each other makes for a great read. Can Grady convince Allison he has her best interest at heart? You'll have to read to find out.

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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