Monday, April 11, 2016

Want Ad Wedding by Cheryl St. John

Daniel Gardner, Will Canfield, and Noah Burgess built Cowboy Creek. The town needed brides so they placed an ad for brides to come to their town. One of the brides, Mrs. Swann, is known by the three men. They grew up together, only back then, she was more interested in safety and security than love. Has she changed, or does she still want the same things? Why is she here? What happened to her? Why is she on the bride train? They'd lost touch when she'd married the officer she'd chosen and moved on.

Life hadn't turned out as Leah'd planned and now she is living in a small town called Cowboy Creek. It was time to start over, to get a fresh start away from everything and everyone she'd known. Until she ran into the two men she'd grown up with, Will and Daniel. Why were they reconnected now? What were they doing way out here in Cowboy Creek? Did God direct her here to find Daniel? Was he the guy for her and she hadn't known it when they were younger? She was looking for home and security. Could she find that here in Cowboy Creek? She felt she didn't have any other choice than to be a mail-order bride, but maybe God was giving her a second chance. She had no where else to go. Cowboy Creek was her and her baby's new home.

Daniel doesn't want Leah to marry just anyone. He has to watch over her. He decides to ask her to marry him to keep her safe. But will he find all that he's looking for? Or will her history with Will come between them?

Read this great book about God's love, second chances, and finding love even when you think you've run as far away as you can possibly get. God's still there, He still cares for you, and He's watching over you.

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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