Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Blind-sided by God Disappointment, Suffering, and the Untamable Goodness of God by Peter Chin

Finding God's goodness in the midst of suffering. Can it be found? Or has God turned His back on you? Follow Peter Chin's journey as he follows what God has told him to do, but along the way he isn't protected from suffering. From a miscarriage, to a home break-in, to breast cancer, to termination of their health insurance, I'm sure Peter felt like Job, that God had abandoned him. But Peter found along the way, that God hadn't deserted him. He was still there. God doesn't move. We do. When we lack strength to go through things, God is right there helping us.

Blind-sided by God is Peter's story of falling in love with his wife, falling in love with God, and how to overcome when life attacks you. Along the way you will get to know Peter and his family, but you will also find God is still there in the midst of pain, hardship, disappointment, ultimate suffering, no matter what you are going through. Peter sums it up with this quote: "We are children who live in a loving and safe home but pout most wretchedly because our parents always give us what we need, and only sometimes what we want. And this is the reason that in times of trial, we are so quick to lose faith in God's love for us-we forget that his love is exhibited most clearly not through our own pleasure, but through Jesus' pain." Jesus suffered for us. He died for us. So that we might experience His love for us, regardless of what we go through.

If you are suffering through something, find someone who has gone through the same things. Band together. You are never alone. There has always been someone who has walked before you. Choose to praise God even in the midst of your suffering. God is still there. He hasn't abandoned you. He didn't stop loving you. Hold on to that. Make a choice every day to step out in faith and serve God. Remember, as Chin notes, you can count on God being right beside you in the midst of your suffering, even redeeming the most seemingly irredeemable moments.

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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