Monday, May 2, 2016

Face to Face by Misty Wallace & Keith Blackburn with Kirk Blackard

A powerful story of redemption and forgiveness. This is the true account of Misty Wallace and the night Keith Blackburn shot her and left her for dead. Misty and Keith take turns giving their accounts of the events leading up to that night and what happened after, and how they were affected by the chain of circumstances. Their story will make you pause, laugh, cry, and wonder about the power of forgiveness and how it changes lives.

Can a victim of violence and the perpetrator find forgiveness? Face to Face examines Misty's experiences as the victim of a violent attack and what the perpetrator goes through, from being arrested, to spending time in jail, to getting released, and learning how to live again, to sharing their stories for others to see how forgiveness doesn't just affect the one forgiving, but also the one who has been forgiven.

This quote from the book captures the tone of the book: "I tried to put the bullet back in the gun. When Misty forgave me I realized I couldn't fix the past. I had to work toward changing the future. When we change our minds and thinking, we change our future." Face to Face-what happens when Misty and Keith come face to face with the night that changed their lives.

I received a free book in exchange for an honest review.

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