Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Fourth Kingdom By: Joyce and Alexandra Swann

Another awesome book! I started this book and couldn’t put it down. Dr Alexander Sinclair is a Christian scientist who clones vegetation to help eliminate world hunger. He alters a plant’s genetic structure to make it adaptable anywhere, and then clones that plant. Dr Karl Helmick is a secular scientist who created Doppelganger, the most successful cloning farm. Even though these two scientists’ beliefs are the exact opposite of each other, they team up to create a cure for cancer. Unfortunately, Dr Sinclair has a feeling things aren’t as they seem. What does Dr Helmick hope to accomplish and what is he really cloning? Enjoy a tour through Doppelganger and see the laboratory where the embryos are waiting to be cloned, the finished product of cloned cattle, and how it all works. The scientific explanations are just enough to thoroughly explain what’s going on without weighing down the story. Dr Sinclair believes Jesus is the savior and is coming back. Dr Helmick believes there will be a secular savior and he is preparing for his arrival. Dr Helmick spent his youth in Nazi Germany. He believes Dr Sinclair will renounce his faith and follow Dr Helmick’s scientific breakthroughs. If you enjoy medical thrillers that involve cloning, a Christian scientist, a secular scientist, with a lot of intrigue, you will love this book! You won’t believe how far reaching this novel is as you turn each page in this must read book.

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