Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Stalker in the Shadows By: Camy Tang

Another great read by Camy Tang. I love her work! Monica Grant has a stalker that wants her to stop plans for the free children’s clinic she wants to open. Shaun O’Neill’s sister was killed and he believes it was the same man that is stalking Monica. As Monica’s bodyguard, now he can catch that killer and put him where he belongs. But will his preconceived notions be right on target, or get Monica killed? The suspense kept me turning the pages to see who the stalker was going to go after next. I laughed out loud, shivered, and cringed at some of the “gifts” Monica received from her stalker. If you receive a long, white florist box, and you don’t know who it is from, be careful opening it! But it’s all contained in this book, so you can read without danger, except to startle you as your read, and keep you reading late into the night to finish the book! Trying to read people is a hard craft to learn. Some people you can read right off; others take a little longer to figure out. Monica and Shaun are on opposing sides as they try to figure out who her stalker is. The same is true with trying to please someone. Monica wants to make her daddy proud, but her Heavenly Father is already proud of her just the way she is. As Aunt Becca states, “Jesus loves you, and His love makes you worthwhile. When you follow God’s will for you, you’re valued not because of what specifically you’re doing. You’re valued because you’re doing God’s work.” Monica has to learn to please God first. She can’t control how her father will feel about her, but she can live her life pleasing to God and that makes her valued in His eyes. If you love romantic suspense filled with unexpected twists and turns, you will love this book by Camy Tang!

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  1. Thanks so much for the review, Sally! I'm so glad you enjoyed Stalker in the Shadows! If you're interested, Nathan Fischer, who appeared in this book, is the hero of Narrow Escape, the next book in my Sonoma series. :)

    Did you buy a copy of my book? If so, I'd be happy to mail you an autographed bookplate sticker you can stick inside your copy! Just email me if you'd like one!