Monday, August 5, 2013

Fired Up By Mary Connealy

I thoroughly loved this book by Mary Connealy! Fired Up is the second in the series. You do not need to read the books in order, but it helps to know what has happened to the characters in the previous story to understand why they act like they do in this one. The characters are believable, lovable, fallible, and engaging. I’m hoping there is another one to follow up with Vince. How far does someone have to go to be unforgivable? Glynna’s two previous husbands would be two prime candidates; but can God’s love help Glynna, and especially her son Paul, forgive the people in their past so they can enjoy the future God has for them? Fired Up is Glynna and Dare’s story. But it also encompasses Paul’s story. He is Glynna’s son and he has had a rough time with the men Glynna has picked as husbands up to this point. He is having a hard time reconciling his past to accommodate his mother’s future. According to him, his mother doesn’t need a man in her life; she has him. That’s all she needs. Can Dare convince Paul that he isn’t like the men that he’s known in the past and that he can trust him to take care of them and not hurt his mother? Will Dare be around long enough to convince Paul to trust him and Glynna to marry him? Someone is trying to kill him, but who is it? Is Paul out to kill him so he can’t marry his mother? Fired Up is a great western romantic suspense read that will keep you turning the pages and thinking about the characters long after your done. Forgiveness is more than letting the person who did you wrong get off scot-free. “The forgiveness is more for you. It does a lot of damage to carry hate around inside.” You will love this powerful story of forgiveness and love!

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