Monday, August 12, 2013

Stress Test By: Richard Mabry

Matt Newman is a doctor at the wrong place at the wrong time. As his life slowly unravels, Sandra Murray, a lawyer, is there to help pick up the pieces. But can they figure out who is out to get him before it’s too late? Someone is going to great lengths to see him dead. Who is it and why do they want Matt out of the picture? This story will keep you turning the pages until the end. What happens when you are a lawyer and a Christian? Sandra must come to grips with her profession and her Christian walk. How can she defend people who may not be innocent? She believes that everyone deserves the best possible defense. Matt hasn’t prayed in a long time. But, with his life falling to pieces around his ears, he figures he’d better start. He is kidnapped, escapes, but then is accused of murder and arrested on a drug charge. Along the way, it seems only God and Sandra are on his side. Matt confesses to his brother Joe that he thinks God is mad at him for ignoring him over the years. Joe tells him, “Even when you’re ignoring Him, He’s not ignoring you.” This is one of the best medical suspense stories I’ve read in a long time. You will love this book with Mabry’s descriptions of the crime scenes, the evidence trails, and following Matt’s case from beginning to end as Sandra investigates the charges and Matt works in the emergency room when he’s not in jail. Unexpected twists take you through Matt’s journey, interwoven with faith truths and discoveries. Can Matt leave it in God’s hands and not worry? Can he trust that God is in control? Matt learns it is hard to do that on the best of days, but with the days he’s been having, it gets easier knowing there is someone on his side helping him to overcome. I look forward to reading more stories by Richard Mabry!

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