Thursday, August 15, 2013

Vertical Leap By: Bill Rieser

This is Bill Rieser’s brutally honest journey from sinner to saved by grace. At a young age he was nicknamed “White Jesus” because of his miraculous feats on the basketball court. But his basketball abilities wouldn’t be enough to help him survive his rage, fear, and addictions. His childhood had shaped the kind of man he had become. But then Jesus took hold of his life and transformed it. This story is Rieser’s account of what he went through and how he overcame. From being ruled by addictions to cheating to being filled with anger, this true account will encourage you and lift you up as you fully realize the power of prayer. Rieser states that one of the truths of prayer is that prayer is a lifestyle, not a thing we do every now and then. Experience the awesome power of prayer as Rieser comes to realize as a child of God, our Father wants to bless us if we’ll just ask. Rieser learned that God is more interested in our worship than in our prayer lists. He wants us to pray about our needs and wants, but He wants to hear our praise and worship as well. Sometimes God will speak to us and ask us to speak to another. Rieser tells of one time he was sharing his testimony and God wanted him to go speak to a kid there. He didn’t want to go, but eventually he did. Below is what he had to say about the incident: “What an honor to be asked by a loving Father to deliver a message to a hurting boy. In disobedience I had resisted, but when I finally let God use me, He did what he does best—ministered to an aching heart. I know I could have repented of my disobedience and God would have forgiven me. But by disobeying I would have missed a great opportunity to run an errand for the king of kings.” When you are obedient to God, God can use you above your wildest dreams. God wants to bless us; we just have to ask and have to be obedient to His will. Read Rieser’s story and be blessed and encouraged!

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