Friday, October 18, 2013

A Bride for Keeps By: Melissa Jagears

I have found another favorite author! From the first novella, Love by the Letter, I was hooked. A Bride for Keeps, Jagears debut full-length novel, grabs you from the first page. I read this book in two days. Julia Lockwood thinks she has to do more and more work on the homestead to make her worthy in Everett’s eyes. As with God’s love, it is not works alone that saves you, but faith. Julia must learn to love Everett Cline and accept his love for her. Can she do that with her past clouding her vision of what her life should be like? She has been abused by men in the past and can’t comprehend that Everett might love her for herself. Everett has sought three mail-order brides before Julia. One died before she arrived and two others married someone else once they got to town. Can he release his heart to Julia even though he’s afraid she will up and leave also? Everett must learn to trust, God and Julia. As I was reading this, a line spoke to me. “But you just told me you loved me, and those words have already wiped away the hardship. I would have gone through anything to have you say that to me.” As a mother, we say this when we have kids. Even though it involves pain to have a child we go through it. God sent His Son to die on the cross for our sins. Even before we were saved, He loved us and died for us. Just to hear us say we love Him, makes it all worth it. May I never forget to tell Him I love Him. I did not want this book to end. I love the characters, the messages, the romance. Cannot wait to read the next book by Melissa Jagears!

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