Thursday, October 10, 2013

Gunpowder Tea By: Margaret Brownley

I thoroughly enjoyed this story by Margaret Brownley! What happens when you pair a Pinkerton detective and a Wells Fargo detective trying to catch the Phantom? Mystery and mayhem on a cattle ranch! Miranda Hunt’s father had been killed three years ago. Eleanor Walker owns a ranch where the Phantom is thought to be hiding. She has posted an ad for an heiress to inherit her ranch, but the stipulation is she can’t marry or she forfeits the ranch. Miranda answers the ad so she can hunt for the Phantom while she’s there. Only, she causes more trouble than she bargained for. Throw into the mix a handsome Wells Fargo detective, Miranda’s competition, and you end up with a funny, heart-touching romance on the range. Can Miranda figure out who the Phantom is before it’s too late? Is it the Wells Fargo detective? For Miranda, it would be good if it was. Then she could control her feelings toward him. Is it someone on the ranch? Pick up this story today to enjoy the search for the Phantom as Miranda tries to figure out who it is.

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