Saturday, October 12, 2013

Love by the Letter By: Melissa Jagears

I loved this novella by Melissa Jagears! It’s an Inspirational western comedic drama-filled romance. Dex Stanton has two girls vying for his attention; only he doesn’t know it. He sent a letter for a mail-order bride. She shows up unexpectedly about the time he has decided to take a chance on a lady in his hometown, Rachel Oliver. But he’d already decided he couldn’t have Rachel. She was too smart for him. She wanted to go off to college and he couldn’t write or spell very well. So, instead of letting her decide what she’d want, he took the decision out of her hands. Does he throw away his one chance at true love? You’ll have to read this novella to find out. Dex must learn to wait and trust in God. You have to ask to receive. Rachel is learning knock and the door shall be opened. Should she go to college or stay and marry Dex? What does God want her to do? What about the mail-ordered stranger that shows up? This is one novella you don’t want to miss. And then you can read more with A Bride For Keeps, Melissa Jagears debut full-length novel. I can’t wait to read it next!

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