Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Bride in Store By: Melissa Jagears

What is the purpose of prayer? Can you follow your dream and follow what God wants you to do at the same time? God wants you as you are. All your hopes and dreams reside in Him. I loved this book by Melissa Jagears. These characters were so focused on fulfilling their dream they couldn’t see any other way to get what they wanted, but yet they weren’t happy.

Eliza Cantrell is a mail order bride. When she comes to town to find her intended, Axel Langston, she finds his business partner Will running the store. Axel is gone. She jumps in and helps make improvements to the store as she has had experience back East. Once Axel returns, how can she decide which man she really should marry, the one who sent for her or the one who takes her breath away?

Axel Langston finally returns to town finding his mail order bride has already arrived. He is prepared to marry her and have her run his store, something she has always wanted, her own store. What happens when she finds out about his past? Will she still marry him?

William Stanton is in love with a woman he can’t have because she is promised to another, not able to run the store he is managing due to being too kind and being taken advantage of, blindsided by a crook, and failing at medicine because he wouldn’t charge for his services and didn’t have enough education, afraid God would require more than he was willing to surrender. When you feel like you’ve lost it all, that’s when you give it all to God. William has a heart for practicing medicine but he doesn’t have the education to be a doctor. He tries, but doesn’t have faith in his abilities. Can Eliza convince him to go to school to be the doctor God has called him to be?

Which man will Eliza choose? Can she have her dream of owning a store and true love? This is a wonderful story of true love and believing God has your best in mind when things happen. Once I started reading this story, I couldn’t put it down. The writing, the characters, pull you in and keep you turning pages. Will read more by this author and hope there are more stories about these characters to see what happens after the end.

I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.

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