Thursday, August 14, 2014

His Montana Sweetheart By: Ruth Logan Herne

I love this book! The old west, horses, cowboys, what’s not to love? Olivia Franklin left Jasper Gulch to pursue her education and got married. She is back to put together a biographical history of the town for the centennial. But she didn’t come back the same person she was when she left. Her husband divorced her. Her grandparents come to live with Olivia and her parents when her grandfather is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and she can’t let go of her past with Jack McGuire. He dumped her while she was pursuing her education when he got injured playing ball. Olivia knows she’ll run into him sooner or later since Jasper Gulch is a small town. What will she say? How will she act?

Jack McGuire is putting together a centennial league baseball game. He used to play baseball until he got injured. Taking a job in the city, he realized he didn’t like either, the job or the city, and finally came back home when his mother was ill and cared for her until she died. But now Olivia is back. Can she forgive him for breaking her heart when he lashed out because of his ball career ending injury?

Olivia has to come to terms with her lack of contact with her family over the years, and keeping her distance on purpose. She realizes she hasn’t seen her grandparents in years. Why did she let that happen? How does prayer figure into this? It didn’t seem to work in the past. Should she try it now? Will God still help her even though she hasn’t spoken to Him in a while?

Jack and Olivia work together to finalize plans for the centennial baseball game. They resemble the town, mired in the past. Love and peace, it’s what they both need, including a horse they pick up at the auction. Can they learn to let go of the past, open their hearts to love again, and lean on a God who loves them and has the best for them?

Jack thinks Olivia will waste her education staying in Jasper Gulch. Can he trust her to stay? Will she trust him after he broke her heart 8 years ago? Trust is a hard thing to come by, but with God’s help, they can put the past behind them and move forward together. Can they do that? Read this book for a great inspirational western romance!


  1. THIS IS THE BEST REVIEW EVER, SALLY!!!!! Thank you so much! I'm so grateful!!!! Must go put this on facebook, I'm honored!!!! Bless you!

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