Friday, August 8, 2014

Red Gold by Sandy Nadeau

I loved this faith-filled mystery by Sandy Nadeau! Mandy Phillips and her husband Jon run a ranch in Colorado. Things start happening around the ranch, a fire, brake lines are cut, a guest is kidnapped. Who could be behind these shenanigans and why? Mr. Shonee is their neighbor. He doesn’t like the idea of a guest ranch bordering his property. Could he be behind what is going on, or is it something more sinister?

Mandy and Jon work together to make the guest ranch work. Their faith in God helps them through the ordeals facing them as somebody wants the ranch shut down. When you have nobody else to turn to, who do you turn to? God, of course. And that’s just what the Phillips’ do.

Jenny is a great character is this story. She and her parents are staying in one of the cabins. She goes to church with Mandy and Jon while she is there. The conversations she has with God are so realistic. When she asks God if he is willing to be her friend, you can feel her uncertainty but hopefulness. When she gets in a bind and really needs his help, you can feel him helping her as she does.

I absolutely loved this inspirational mystery. Can’t wait to read more by this author! This sentence stayed with me even after finishing the book: We’re God’s children. If we expect forgiveness and love from our Lord, can we do less for our neighbors? May I always remember this! If you enjoy inspirational mysteries that are exciting and fun you will enjoy this one!

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